Built Toyota Tough?

I haven’t read anyone’s posts on this thread, I just wanted to say that I LOVE my tacoma! 02’ with all kinds of cash dropped into it.

[quote]Miserere wrote:
And damn, do I like those old western tunes.[/quote]

Composed by Ennio Morricone for “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”.

You might also be interested in “The Legendary Italian Westerns” which compiles the rest of Morricone’s spaghetti Western soundtracks. I just happen to be listening to it as I read your post and type this, ha.

[quote]stumpy wrote:
nope 72 Bronco[/quote]

I had a 71’ Bronco. Ugliest thing you’ve ever seen, the body was half rust and half bailing wire, the doors were wired shut, the door glass was gone, the frame was twisted, and the shell didn’t fit anymore. But jeez lueez did it attract girls with those 33" tires and roll bar.

I like my Toyota now that I’m older and sensible. But that Bronco was the shiznat when I was 19.

[quote]reconbyfire wrote:
I have had three Toyotas in a row. My first was a 79 high-lux with 417k. The frame finally cracked near one of the rear leaf spring rear mounts. I love my new four door Tundra[/quote]

Me too man. I just bought an 06 Dual Cab Limited and Im loving it. However I have a feeling I will really be missing the car I traded in for this this summer.