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Built Toyota Tough?



Check this video out, this little Toyota goes through hell and keeps on chugging.



Yup. These trucks LAST and go through HELL and back, then drives straight on the highway!

Mine is a 1987 4Runner.


I had an 88' Toyota Pick-up and put just under 300K on it before selling it for $2K and getting a used 97'Toyota T-100 which I have put just under 200K on. Both went/go on the beach, 4-wheeling, plow driveways, Mount Washington, and I never passed/pass up an opportunity to put them to the test.

I'll never buy anything but a Toyota ever again.
I can't believe I watched all 17 minutes of that video. I gotta get a life.


Its off a UK prog called Top Gear, the guy is outspoken presenter, Jeremy Clarkson, apparently the show has 250 million viewers worldwide, not sure if it airs in the US though.


Thats absolutely fucking insane.


I have had three Toyotas in a row. My first was a 79 high-lux with 417k. The frame finally cracked near one of the rear leaf spring rear mounts. I love my new four door Tundra


You can catch it in the states on cable. I seen one where he put 800 miles on an Audi with only a single tank of gas.It's a pretty good show. Or something to thazt effect.


Holy Toledo.


What did he let the car roll around with his foot off the gas?


No he maintained a constant speed and did his best not to use anything that would cause the car to use any extra gas. By the end of the trip, he was runnin what seemed to be on "air"..pretty freakin awesome...and that Toyota...I saw that when it came round to the States, that is the best show ever.


A friend of mine has the exact same pickup as his "beater" truck. Even though he's an avid Jeep freak, he raves about it all the time. Now I see why.


That was a complete load of shit. All the test involved was cosmetic damage. I'll conceede the water test. But other than that it was shit, it did nothing to mention the common weak links in older tyota's, birfield joints, c- clip axle's, etc.


Jeep Owner?



nope 72 Bronco


That's a NICE rig. Restored or a trail rig?


Trail rig, the body's shot, although I have allot of the origanal part's, even the spare tire!


Around here the majority of "Taxi's" (Please dont confuse them with yellow cabs) are Toyota Hi-Ace Minibusses. They are driven like crap, and maintained with little more than a hammer and some steel wire. Yet they keep going. I'll take some pictures and post them.


That was the best video I've seen in years. OK, it's a at least a tie with that Keyra butt-shaking video.


You clearly didn't see the last test...


When that truck rolled into the studio after the demolition, I'm not ashamed to say that I had tears in my eyes.

That was beautiful...

And damn, do I like those old western tunes.