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Built Like a Brick House

There was an article in the May 96 issue of MM2K, I THINK it was a Poliquin workout called “Built like a brick house:building the foundation for a strong body” I want to try this workout but all my back issues were destroyed.

If anyone has back issues from back before MM2K went to crap, I’d really appreciate it if you could post the protocols for this workout.

The article you are reffering to was not by Poliquin, but rather by the legendary strenght coach Bill Starr. It was based on the 5 x 5 system featured in his book “The Strongest Survive”. That article from MM2K totally changed my life (in regards to weight lifting, anyways). My squat literally went up 100 pounds in 1 year due to squating three times a week! I don’t have the actual article in front of me, that issue is tucked away somewhere in my parent’s besement.

However, as best as I remeber it:
squat 5x5 (around 80% of 1rm, never to failure)
bench 5x5
bent over rows 5x5
incline db press or flys 2x20
chins 4x?

squat 5x5 (65-70%)
deads or power cleans 5x5
military press 4x6
db curls 2x20
tricep pushdowns 2x20

squat 3x5 80%, 2x3 90%-uses this weight for next monday’s 5x5
incline press 5x5
rows/deads/p.cleans 5x5 (I think, can’t remember)
bb curls 2x20
tri extensions 2x20

  • I am not 100% sure about some of the assistence exercises esp. on wed, but I am 100% on m/w/f/ squat routine, mondays whole workout and the 2x20 for arms. I hopes this helps.

That helps a lot, Thanks.
Even if it’s not exact that looks like a good routine.