Built Like a Badass

Hey All,
Quick question about DeFranco’s Built Like a Badass program. In Week one and I’m sure in many other weeks, it says Chins: Max + 50%. Does that mean max reps plus half of that more for one set or should that be spread out across a few sets or what? Thanks for the help.

Have you even read the book? Would you like me to copy/paste DeFranco’s explanation regarding that question?

No sir… I only have the PDF

To clarify, here?s what we mean when we say ?chin-up max + 50%??

Let?s say that you can perform 12 max chin-ups. 50% of 12 is 6. So you would add your chin-up max (12) + 6. This means that you are required to perform 18 total chins. It doesn?t matter what set/rep scheme you decide to use; you just need to complete 18 reps before moving onto the next exercise.

We don?t recommend going to failure on your first set because this tends to fry you out. In the above example, a guy that needs to complete 18 total reps may do this: 1st set = 9 reps, 2nd set = 4 reps, 3rd set = 3 reps, 4th set = 2 reps. Also, there are no required rest periods for the chin-ups on this program. Rest as long or as little as you need to complete all your reps!

So if you can only do 10, 50% = 5.
So you need to 15 reps - as above in as few sets as possible