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Built Like a Badass w/Linear Progression?


Would be a good idea to use the built like a badass program framework, but instead of percentages of a 1RM for the bench and squat/deadlift use the linear progression outlined in westside for skinny bastards 3 (wfsb3)? Either that or just add the conditioning finishers to the wfsb3 framework. My goals are to cut bodyfat, improve general conditioning (specifically running times and farmers walk) and maintain strength (preferably increase).
I know these are technically 3 goals, but they go well together. Just be glad I’m not asking to drop to 10% bodyfat, build 20 lbs of muscle, and deadlift 400 lbs in 5 months, all at the same time.


Unless you are an advanced lifter and you have a specific reason for modifying it, I would pick one system or the other and execute it as written. I doubt you know more than CT or Louie when it comes to programming.


If I’m not mistaken Joe DeFranco wrote the program.This guy is probably bigger than you,stronger than you and has trained way more people than you.What makes you think you can make his program better?
Of course it’s your training and you can do whatever you want.But imo if you gonna run the program of a bigger more successful lifter don’t change it.Especially if you’re running it for like the first time.After 1 cycle you can probably make some changes depending on what you noticed

Also I don’t like setting goals the way you did.If you get to 12% bf,build 8 pounds of muscle and deadlift 395 is it a failure?

Do the program,eat according to your goals,get stronger,get bigger or/and leaner,have fun

Hope that helps

On a side note,keep a log somewhere.Here’s a great place to do so.It will help you stay consistent as well as get some advice from bigger and better lifters

  1. you’re right, I’ll just stick with the westside for skinny bastards template, however, I’d still like to incorporate conditioning and somewhere on the westside for skinny bastards 3 page it mentions doing conditioning work after the strength work. I’ll probably just incorporate the conditioning ideas from built like a badass into the main westide for skinny bastards template.

  2. I was being facetious in the last sentence of my first post. It was just an example of how beginners can set up unrealistic goals.

  1. Looks great to me

  2. Didn’t read it too carefully.Lol