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Built Hurdles

Alright, not sure if anyone cares or not, but this weekend I built my hurdles very easily and very cheapily. I thought I would post this in case anyone else was trying to figure out a way to do this. Nothing ground breaking here.

I went to Home Depot and used the 3/4" X 10' PVC piping. It is $0.89/pipe, super cheap. They supplied me with a saw and I measured off 3'. Cut two 3' pieces off and then cut the remaining 4' in half (two 2' pieces). This gave me one hurdle (3' high by 2' wide) and one extra 2' piece. I repeated this 5 times to get my 5 hurdles (with a few extra pieces left over).

I then bought 10 3/4" elbows (2 for each hurdle). These worked great for connecting the two legs to the width piece (no, these are not the technical terms ). Anyways, I also bought these little pieces that I thought would work as a base, but they didn't. So for the base I have to use weights, I am sure someone can come up with a better base. But, the 3/4" tubing fits into the weight holes nice and snug and this holds them in place.

I already had the weights so that didn't cost me anything. The total bill was $11 counting the useless bases I bought. I am sure for $10 you can have your hurdles with no problems. Of course, it may cost a little more if you have to make your own base, but if you have weights lying around those should work.

I hope someone finds this useful.



You could have bought a Tee-fitting for the bottom of each upright and then you could have attached 12" of tubing out both ways for legs!

You would need 1 more stick of PVC and 10 tee’s and you would be set. It would cost a couple more bucks probably.

Also - did you glue the joints or just press fit?

In faith,

This is very helpful to me, I was about to build some myself.

As far as a base, how about cones with a hole in the top to put the pvc in? It’s in coach davies’ football book, so this isn’t an original idea.

Have you found a place to get a cheap and long jump rope? (I’m tall)

Adam Marshall

Good thinking. I am gonna try that tonight. Also, cones might work well.

Ya, cones might work also. I just went with what Home Depot had.

As for a jump rope, I bought one for $5 at Sport Chalet. I don't know how tall you are, but I am 5'10" and it works fine for me. Only downside is when it is super windy it is hard to control.

Just a little update. I think it is better to make the hurdles a little on the short side. Did my first hurdle work today and they were too tall. I could not walk over them… I am gonna shorten them, I figure if I make them too short I can always put something underneath them to lift them up.

Just a note of caution to those building hurdles – make sure that the lower legs are ONE SIDED. Make then like they are on the track. If you have two-sided supports, that means that the top of the hurdle LIFTS as it tips over. Not a good scenario.

Everything sounds good except for the fact that you bought your stuff at Home Depot…don’t give those pathetic bastards any business…support your local small business home center.

Good point on putting the tip-supports only on one side, I should have thought of that. DUH! If you want to get exotic, you can make adjustable hurdles pretty easy. Buy one size pvc for the uprights and tip-supports, and a smaller size that fits inside the uprights to make another set of uprights and the crossbar. Then the crossbar will slide up and down to what ever height you want. You can hold it in position with cheap ol’ duct tape or get fancy and drill holes and use a cotter pin. (Also cheap, but requires a drill and a little skill -not much, but some) I wish I could give you a drawiing, it would be so much easier.
In faith - Matt

Sounds like you’re lovin’ the hurdles - Since, your local, can’t wait to get you out training in HB with the rest of us this winter. In faith, Coach Davies

That would be great! Let me know. Also, keep me informed of that hockey clinic you were thinking of doing as well.