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Built for Battle


@JamesBrawn007 I’m thinking dead start would be preferable but it usually comes to whatever method you’re most comfortable with.
Not sure it matters much in the grand scheme of things.


Cheers mate. Watched CT in a few videos on his main site re Strength Circuits and that was my impression, as least for the 1-3 rep range.


Hey guys is there any drawback for doing the exercises one after the other instead of in circuit?
That’s a bit more convenient when training with other…


The workout is designed as a circuit to get the stength-endurance/resistance component in. It won’t be the same if you do the exercises one after the other. At least try to pair 3 together and the last 2 together,


Doing one after the other is called straight sets and isn’t going to produce the desired results. I struggled to do all five exercises on a commercial gym so I split it up. I added an exercise and did two circuits with three exercises each. It kicked my ass.


Thanks for the replies must have read over it.

So for example I do 5 rep dl then 1 minute rest then 5 rep military press etc right?


Correct. If you have the space and equipment then you do all five exercises for 5 reps, then 4, and so on.