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Built for Battle


Absolutely. As I always say, the most important thing is to train really hard. And it’s easier to train hard if the type of training you are doing fits your profile. So something could be the best method on paper, if it doesn’t motivate you, you will likely have worse results.


Hi Coach,

With the %, what’s the protocol for rounding up or down? I’m doing this in a home gym, and do have sufficient plates, but when my weight is 120.5kg for example, or even 133kg, what would you recommend? I don’t have .5kg plates. The 5% jumps can be difficult in terms of loading, but obviously super effective.



I typically round up or down based on how easy it will be to load the weight. If the percentage comes out to 228 lbs then I’ll use 225 lbs because that’s a nice, even two plates.

The more I have to change the weight on the bar (like when doing a circuit with the same bar), the more I select loads that are easy and quick. If I’m doing straight sets with one exercise before moving on then I’ll take the time to throw on the 2.5s.

Just round up or down and see how it goes.


Had family over for a few days and so I had to take a couple day break after the 1st day of B4B, but I finished up the rest of the first week and though I have yet to retest my 3RM’s next week, the weights just felt light. The intensity ramps up and down during the week but the percentages overlap quite often and you encounter the same numbers throughout the week, and they just get easier every damn time. 5 days of full body compound lifts might seem a bit much, but I don’t feel at all broken down. I feel as though I could definitely use my days off, for sure, but there’s no joint pain, no back pain - and this is coming from someone who has been in the process of rehabilitating herniated/bulging discs for 5 years, as well as rotator cuff issues.

I’m going to be running it for 4 weeks, so I’ll make a separate thread with my final results eventually, but I just wanted to give everyone an update, as the program is only a weekly cycle - my first week was phenomenal, I feel strong, and my wife, who is a total boss and is doing the program with me, with no complaints or unwillingness to work - has gone from deadlifting the bar to repping 155 with no problems (and SHE has a surgically repaired foot, with an atrophied calf!). I can see myself running this program 3-4 times a year.


Fantastic will be following your gains/feedback on this. What I learned from full body strength circuits/built for bad[battle] is the importance of not overstepping the intensity (aka going to heavy).

There’s a huge shock to your body when you go through a circuit (mid exercise or in between circuits) where your body basically turns off. This happens when you grind a set. Particualrly noticeable during high stress work/life stuff

So for me I’ve been focusing on performance performance and more performance. Making sure to feel good and strong and explosive.

Also great physique, you look like you have a built for bad sort of base (bigger boned, fuller muscles vs. smaller framed guys)


You’re a little late, @Sigil! I already buried myself this week :laughing:

Dropped the 3RM numbers after day 2. I pulled 455 for 3 on Deadlift and yesterday 365 felt like 425! I reset the 3RM to 405 to finish the week.


Some experimentation here - for what it’s worth, Have been alternating rep ranges (some days do a 12/8/6/4/2 countdown to muscular gains), another standard 3RM/5RM ramp, and then 1-2 days 5/4/3/2/1 countdown to success.

Very fun. Keeps the joints healthy and muscles well pumped


Bruh is that you in your avatar?


Lol yeah bruh back in my peak condition days. A little NPC stage, middle of a quarter turn with favorable pec squeezing action (placed in top 6? out of 11? LOL) which was eye openeing for me on the importance of juice (not the green smoothie vegan type either) for mens physique.

I’m trying to get back to that shape (maybe even get to your boss level physique lonnie). And fight off old age. Built for battle & RINGZ should help in that regard ; )


Damn that last avatar didn’t do you justice, you are super built.


built for battle?


Coach, I’m thinking of doing the speed/explosiveness option in B4B and I would like to swap the cleans for SGHPs. What are your thoughts?


Yes that’s fine


Im a novice lifter but i really like the B4B program.
The problem im having is trying to apply it to a working lifestyle.
I work away two weeks out of the month, the gym facilities are small so a circuit set takes away space from others.
Can this be broken down into two lifts a session with added assistance?
The full routine would take longer than the standard week to complete one cycle but the frequency would still be moderate.
Would this work?
My two weeks at home however are great and the program works great.


Sadly, it cannot


Then I would suggest something different on your 2 weeks away, something like this… https://www.t-nation.com/workouts/look-like-a-bodybuilder-perform-like-an-athlete


Thanks CT for info much appreciated.
With the B4B program ive started with the strength circuit, but ive substituted the seated row for the power clean.
Is this ok?
If so is there an ideal order in wich the excercises be done?
Ive read about doing power movements first then doing strength movements.
Thanks CT, love your work.


Well it depends on your goal. The power clean is a power movement, the seated row is more of a mass builder. So they are not really interchangeable.


Ok. My main goal is strength first. Will stick with seated row, then change on a four week cycle like you mention in article.
Group 3 then 1 then 2.


Guys, there isn’t any cable rowing machine at my gym, so is it OK to replace the seated rows with flat chest supported rows or weighted pull ups/chin ups? Thank you