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Built for Battle

CT, Thanks as always for a meticulously-planned, thoughtful program that other coaches would charge big money for. Still digesting B4B and think it’s amazing. Looking forward to running it.

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which neurotype can do this routine?

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Do you offer private coaching through a program like this?

I think the customization options allows each neurotype to find its way. Explosive types can select the appropriate exercises, variation guys can vary the groups by phase, Type 3 well they can just stick to the routine for a long time and start with longer rest. Maybe 2B would feel a little off but there’s still the 2 assistance rounds where you can really focus on feeling the muscles

Looks pretty interesting.

This looks like a cool program. From my experience, I could probably only run it 4-6 weeks before needing a break. The only issue for me would be commandeering the required work stations in the gym for the ~45 minutes the routine would take.

I would do option 1 of the exercises, and that way I could get a squat rack with three barbells. This would mean only needing two “stations”.

  1. Muscle snatch. Leave a bar on the squat rack platform dedicated for this.
  2. Zercher (or perhaps front) squat. Have bar loaded on rack using the same platform.
  3. SG High pulls. Have a second bar on the platform.
  4. BP. Second station. But benches are a bit easier to come by.
  5. Seated rows. These would be easy to jump in on as needed.

Try his personal site.

Types 1B and 2A will do the best on this plan. Type 1A can do well with the longer rest intervals. Type 3 and 2B would do better with another approach… although a very advanced type could maybe do it

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Yes on my thibarmy website I offer online coaching


I am 2B, (or maybe 3A… if there is such an animal) unquestionably. I will definitely do this. Very strong appeal. However, I’m in the middle of “Simple, guaranteed, size and strength“. First things first.


Looks pretty cool, unfortunately I am training at a sometimes pretty crowded commercial gym. it will be continuous improvising at the spot when some if not all stations are taken…

3A is an alternate definition of 2B

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With what @bigcell101 said:
I’m also at a big gym that’s often pretty crowded.

I thought I could possibly run it like this:
(I’m switching out deads for Trap deads and FS for back squats)
At a squat rack I can do Trap Deads/Military Press/Back Squats and work up to a 3RM with those in a circuit, then I can grab a seated row and bench and work up to a 3RM with those.

Is that something that sounds at all reasonable, or would it defeat the whole purpose of the plan? I just feel like I would so frequently be prevented from doing the whole circuit that tracking progress would be near impossible without an alternative.

I may hit you up for some personal advice on this one. It won’t be until after Xmas due to a football season maybe after Thanksgiving. I would love to have some professional guidance to get jacked and lean.

I really don’t see an issue doing this in a crowded gym, as long as you have one power rack and one barbell. Depending on your level of conditioning you have 1:30 to 2:30 “rest“ between movements. That is plenty of time to strip the weight and put on the proper weight for the next movement. If my gym is crowded, that’s what I plan on doing and I only plan on resting 1:00. Stripping weights and putting more on, as long the calculations are done ahead of time, doesn’t take 20 seconds.

Modifications for Type 3s? Especially w/re2 Group One? I’m guessing Seated Row > Pendlay Row might be one change …

Pins set at floor press height -

Muscle snatchs
Place bar on pins
Zerchers squat (from low position start)
Floor press
Snatch grip pulls

All using one bar - just change weights during rest


Yes, even though it’s not as good as the actual plan. But it is a decent second option.


This is incredibly distracting and draining to do. Have you tried it?

Say you do the deadlift, Ohp, front squat, bench, pendlay row

Move bench out of power rack
315 deadlift strip down to 135 OHp
Rerack bar and load up to 225 front squat
Strip back to 135, set bar to bench height and load up 185, move bench back into power rack
Move bench out and prepare bar for pendaly row

Holy shit now do it for the next circuit (4 reps) lol…maybe add only micro plates on the 3/2/1

Half your workout would be changing plates (prob more time spent preparing weights then actually lifting)!

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This is really nice.

In the past I’ve tried mixiing in weighed calisthenics and dumbells.

It’s not quite the same as barbell. CT’s 5/4/3/2/1 stuff is very barbell centric…like going through all the motions to setup a heavy dumbells bench press…to do only one rep

Or shoulder press (takes a spot to get the sort of heavy dumbells you would neeed for a 3/2/1)

Or weight belt and weighted dip. Quite awkward. But maybe can combo with machines (chest press/leg press)?