Built for Battle Rep Scheme

Hi CT,
Quick question, could you supplement the 5/4/3/2/1 rep scheme for the 1/2/4/6 rep scheme in Built for Battle. I like this idea of reversing the stimulation process starting heavy first and finishing with high reps of 6. Just for a change of pace, keep things interesting.

Would this be ok?

Thanks for the help,
Mike P

I cannot tell you conclusively as I’ve not done it this way. In theory I see no problem with it, except that you’d need to be properly warmed up and activated to start with a heavy single. PERSONALLY I couldn’t do it, unless I gradually ramped up to a heavy single on all the lifts, which defeats the purpose reversing the rep scheme and would almost double the volume.

So, me, I wouldn’t do it. Doesn’t mean it can’t work for some.

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Yes I think Friday would be difficult to implement this rep scheme while the lighter days could be possible.

Actually, how would 4/3/2/1/5 go. Would allow to keep same volume including warm ups sets but get a different psychological & physiological stimulant finishing with the 5. Could also do 4/3/2/1/5+ on heavy Friday session.

Do you have a program that does include this or similar rep schemes going from low reps to high reps while also using high frequency of BB lifts? High frequency of BB lifts is my sweet spot, so looking for programs that replicate BFB but with different types of stimulants (ie rep schemes)?

Thanks again for the help,
Mike P