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Built For Battle on Hectic Schedule/12-Hour Swing Shift?

Hey guys, I’d really like to try the Built For Battle program but I work a 12 hour swing shift where I never have the same days or nights off. When I’m on day shift, I leave before the small town gym here opens up and if I were to go as soon as I get off work, then I wouldn’t see my kids at all before they go to bed. Working out on night shift isn’t a problem though and I typically always have 3 days off at least, sometimes 4 in a row. The problem is when I work 4 day shifts in a row and can’t make it to the gym for those 4 days. I love the look of the plan and I trained Olympic weightlifting several years ago and the thought of getting back to clean and doing some muscle snatches sounds great while also adding size. Is there any chance I can make this program work with this schedule or is there something similar that I should try?

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That specific program is setup to balance the volume, load progression, and high frequency as key parts of the programming, so if you can’t stick to the 3 on, 1 off, 2 on, 1 off schedule, your progress will definitely be suboptimal.

The issue is that it sounds like your weekly schedule sometimes only allows three workouts per week, right? The recovery issue you’re going to hit is with training three days in a row doing the same exercises each session.

The Built for Battle program gets around that issue by manipulating the load and volume Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, so you’d need to do similar to support recovery allow optimal performance in each workout.

If this is the end goal, why not come up with two or three workouts that you alternate whenever you can train? A clean-based session, a muscle snatch-based session, and an accessory session? That’d let you be adaptable to whatever training days you end up with and would allow recovery since you’re not doing the same stuff each workout.

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thanks for the awesome information.

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