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Built for Battle Adjustments: Days Off, Equipment/Weight, Fat Loss

Hello Coach,

I have been switching from the 2 best damn workouts for the past couple of years now and I really like them, but I was considering switching things up just to keep things interesting. I am considering Built for Battle but I have a few questions:

  1. I am older(48) and have had back surgery, and I still get muscle guarding and spasms when I over do it. Could I take additional days off if I need to?
  2. I am somewhat limited on the weights I have (365 in plates and up to 45 in dumbbells) and I have no rack, so everything is ground up (I do have a bench, but it has no racks). Could I do things based off 5 rep max?
  3. I am pretty much always cutting these days (although I have put on some decent mass doing so, due to my inefficiency at it), is this program still ok or would you recommend something else?

Thank you- I really enjoy your programs.

I’m obviously not CT. But both myself and a buddy of mine have done and are familiar with B4B. In your situation I would 100% not recommend doing this program. Mainly because it’s incredibly demanding and a with a bad back it isn’t worth. Also, you don’t have the proper equipment to be able to do it. I would suggest to find something else that fits your needs and limitations. Good luck bro.

If you want to try circuits but you are worried about the load,this is another of CT’s articles.

Just had to attach this.

That is a really funny story. I had a pretty complicated experience getting my wife’s ring and spent my entire savings and 12 years later the damn diamond fell out and was lost.

I ran it for over a year. I would recommend it to anyone, but I would be very careful about trying to set it up without a rack. All the three options are made up entirely of big barbell lifts done heavy, you do them in a circuit with pressure from the clock, and you need to think about how you set up so as to work efficiently and not injure yourself. I used to routinely slam my knee into the underside of the bench swinging myself under the barbell to get from pull ups to bench press, and I had permanent bruises on my quads from SGHPs.

If you need to clean the weight over your head for every set of squats in a B4B circuit and you have a bad back, I can see this going badly wrong.

Good point. I think I will just cycle back to Best Damn Workout 1 for a while. If I can get a rack I may give it a go, although I was thinking of scaling back to % of 5 rep max vs 3, but I will wait regardless.

Did you alternate through the groups? I know I’ve read your log, just can’t remember.

Nah, stuck with the EXPLOSIVE!!! option

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