Built For Bad - What to Do Next?


I’m in the final week of Built For Bad and, as usual, I’ve seen tremendous results from your programming. Specifically, I’m most impressed with the work capacity increases that I’ve seen along with the body composition benefits. Upon completing Week 6 I plan to test some max lifts and I fully expect to see some PR’s as well.

My primary goals moving forward are to continue to increase my work capacity and to make additional improvements in body composition. I’d like to maintain my current strength levels of course but I’m not terribly concerned at this time with focusing on strength as a primary goal.

My final workout of Week 5 looked like this:

A1. Deadsquat: 440/455/465/490/515

A2. Bench press: 330/340/350/365/385

A3. High Pull: 230/240/245/260/270

A4. Military Press: 195/200/205/215/225

A5. Pull up: BW +25/+30/+40/+50/+55

I completed that session in 20:23. I’ve done Day 1 of Week 6 and after adding 5 lbs to everything I completed that session in 22:26. I expect that by Day 5 I will have shaved some time off of that.

As I said, I want to continue to develop my capacity to do heavy work with minimal rest. I’m able to train 5-7 days per week. I train in a fully equipped CF style gym with a 30 yard turf. I have access to Prowlers, yokes, Atlas stones, gymnastic rings, and just about everything else that you would expect in a well equipped gym.

I wouldn’t consider myself proficient with full Olympic lifts by any stretch of the imagination however I do have access to the Santavy family for some quality coaching and I plan to take advantage of that heading into the next training cycle.

Any advice that you can offer in putting together a plan that will directly build upon what I have achieved with BFB will be very much appreciated.

As always, thank you very much for your time.

All the best,


Glad to see you’re still a beast, Dave!