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Built for Bad: Understanding the Theory

Hey Christian,

Thanks for all this info, your articles have really helped me with programming intelligently. I’m nearing the end of a self-constructed upper/lower split and I want to give the B4B program a shot but have a couple questions before hand.

First, the way the program is written calls for a dead-squat. Does this mean a trap-bar deadlift or a squat starting at the bottom position from the safety pins? If it’s the former, would you recommend a back/front squat or sumo/traditional deadlift to someone without access to a trap-bar.

Since I use a home gym I was considering weighted pull-ups instead of the lat-pulldown - a reasonable substitute?

Lastly, a more theory based question. It seems one could substitute various exercises to renew the program after completion as long as they are in the same movement category (hinge/squat movement, horizontal press, explosive pull, vertical press, vertical pull). Is my understanding accurate here?



Not CT, but maybe I can help
1.) in the article the exercise is a dead-squat lift what means a trap bar. I think it’s from biotest a improved barbell similar to a trap bar that’s called dead-squat.

2.) you can use any exercises as long they hit the whole body and are big exercises (like front squats and not leg extensions ).

3.) if you use chin ups you need to be very strong on them because otherwise 80% of your 1 RM would be under your bodweight.

Thanks for the reply, that is basically along the lines of what I was thinking myself. Fortunately pull-ups are one of my stronger lifts so the 80% thing shouldn’t be much of an issue.