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Built for Bad - The Best Workout Ever Created

Hello all. First I want to say big “Thank you” Coach, for posting this article. Just so you get the idea I will share some prehistory of my existence.
I was promising high school greco-roman wrestler back in the days and it was all fun and games until I had a coach to tell me what to do and how to train. But as with everybody life hit me like a freight train and here I am working night shifts (12hrs), not getting enough sleep, food and etc. I was skeptical at first glance but decided to give this one a go.
I stuck to the plan like it was the Bible, and yet had to change it a bit- instead of dead-squat I did conventional (clean-grip) deadlift and instead of pull-downs I did pull-ups (chin-ups on 2nd and 4th workouts).
I am currently 6 weeks in and my progress so far is : +40kgs on deadlift, +20kgs on bench, +15kgs OHP and get ready for it- +25kgs on pull-ups.
I want to say I am not a big puller and prefer the pushing activities, but last time I deadlifted as much was in high school and with straps. On the visual side there are definitely changes.
So my opinion is - everyone who hasn’t yet tried it- give it a go and be amazed :slight_smile:
And naturally I have some questions too :slight_smile:
1)- I am starting to hit walls here and there- Is it ok to take maybe deload week, and start again for another 6 weeks?
2)- Should I lower the weights and maybe double the reps to reserve the intensity ?
3)- If not- what program would you recommend me- 6 weeks to superhero or something else?
4) Do you have any cues on how to increase the grip strength on the pulling movements because that is the limiting factor- I have maybe 10kgs in reserve but my grip goes haywire and can’t max out with proper technique.
Thanks again :slight_smile:

Yes. You can actually deload WITH the program… you hve several options…

  1. Keep the same relative intensity (% of max on the lift you select) but use lifts on which you can’t use as much weight. For example instead of a bench press use a close-grip bench, instead of a trap bar deadlift use a snatch-grip deadlift, etc.

  2. Keep the same sets & reps schèmes but lower the weight by about 10% of all your sets

  3. Do 2 sets less

  4. Do the workout only 3x in the week

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No, see my answer above. BUT you can use different loading schèmes with the same approach… for example instead of doing 5/4/3/2/1 you can do 6/4/2/64/2

6 weeks to superhero is twice a hard on the recovery as BfB… so I wouldn’t recommend it

Learn the hook grip

Do pinch grip hold (do a search) at the end of every workout

Thanks for the fast replay. Tomorrow I will start the deload week keeping the reps and schemes but lowering the weight with 10% on all sets for one week. Then hopefully 1 full 6 week cycle starting from where I left before the deload.
Thank you again, respect for the good work and see you soon :slight_smile:

Funny this should appear as I’m running B4B again, starting today.
As per CT’s recommendations in a previous thread, I’m not utilizing 100% intensity, choosing slightly lower so as to minimize cortisol release as much as possible.

Hey it is me again . Hope you had amazing start of the year. So far I went back once more on B4B workout plan and yup- 2xBW deadlift and +45kg pullup RM. And I am not even a puller. And again I am stuck where to go from now? Should I use one of these schemes and utilize the exercises I love the most or use whole new program? I’ve found that after B4B it is best to use some more reps/conditioning and go easy on the weights. I am thinking of something like a 7/5/3 rep scheme with big movements + running (marine coming ) or use something more specific ?
One is for sure tho- after 4 weeks I am going back on B4B for some 200kgs deadlift :smiley:
Thank you for your time and wish you all the best

Im curious not only on how much STRENGHT did you really gain but did you see the significant physical changes coach said in the article?
I’m contemplating starting This routine but I’m skeptical about the add 5 lbs do every lift every week, it sounds almost impossible…

For a short period it is possible. BUT that is not mandatory. The key is the type of workout. Only add weight if you can do it and maintain perfect form.

Is it possible that we use the same weight for 2 straight sets? For example I can’t put the number/weight that is my 82,5% do should I use the same as my 80% or my 85%?

I prefer that you start with lighter percentages to be safe, but increase every set

In the template you say for example “circuit one 85%, circuit 2 87,5%” but my 87,5% is a number that I can’t do cause the smallest plates in my gym are 1,25, so in this type of cases should I use for the 87,5% the same weight as the 85%?

Start with lighter weights in the first circuit