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Built For Bad Results


Hey coach, just wanted to say thank you for the program. It was the first program I did along with MAG-10, Indigo, and Plazma and it went really well.

After four weeks of the program, I went from front squatting 315 for one rep to three easy reps, from never high-bar squatting over 365 to squatting 405 for three reps, and, the most meaningful one for me, going from 475 on the deadlift hitting a lifetime PR of 500.
As soon as I test my push press and bench I'll post what my results were on those lifts too.

Thanks again coach!


Awesome bro!


Wow that's impressive. Any physique update pics? Something I've noticed about built for bad is that the bench press is much easier after the deadlift (I do deadlift then bp) where I'm doing like my 3RM training max (when just dong "Bp days") for 4 or even 5 reps. In fact all the heavier exercises feel lighter when done in this circuit format. Pretty cool stuff


Great program, I'm running it again this summer leading up to trip to the beach. Like the look it gave me in addition to some nice gains on my front squat, SG High pull.


I didn't take any before pics, unfortunately, but I'm going to be starting the power look program this week and I'll make sure to have some before and afters for that.


I've had great results with power look and think you'll enjoy it as well. Found myself getting nervous thinking about the 5x5,5x6 workouts but got through them without much difficulty. I'm not as strong as you so I'm cautious on giving advice but this is working for me....hit all your reps on the assistance exercises and consider loaded Carrie's...I thank CT for recommending zercher carries to me at the end of bench day for building my upper back strength; immediate carry over to my front squat and clean deadlift (I subbed this for regular dl).


These are great improvements... but test yourself 2 weeks after the completion of the program... take one easier deload week, then on the second week do 2 workouts... first workout (monday) 90% for 3 sets of 1 on all the tested movements (not as a circuit). Second workout (Wednesday) 80% 3 sets of 3... Friday test your maxes on the first two lifts and Sunday on the other two lifts

They should be about 10lbs heavier than your current test


Will do coach, Thank you!


Hey Coach, I just finished my de-load and retested my maxes on Deadlift, Front Squat, Push Press and Incline Dumbell Bench. You were right on, everything went about 10 lbs up from last time.
- Deadlift 515 for 1 (I was spoken to afterwards about how loud I was being which deterred me from going for another rep beyond this, but that's what I get for being in a college gym).
- Front Squat 325 for 3 and 365 for 1
- Push-press 235 for 1
- DB Low Incline Bench 100 for 3 (I was able to do 1 ugly rep at the beginning with 100).
Than you for the advice about deloading!