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Built for Bad Results

Anybody run this program for the duration CT recommended (or even at least 4 weeks)? How did you find your body composition change in terms of muscle gain or fat loss or both?

I did BFB for the 6 weeks. I did see my strength go up considerably. I did notice some additional muscle. I am now trying 6 weeks to Super Hero routine for 6 weeks and plan to hit BFB for another 6 weeks. My plan is to go back and forth between these 2 programs since they seem to be something I can do and enjoy and receive a difference.

Now don’t expect to look totally different in only 6 weeks. It is impossible to change your body to a great extent in such a short time. However, you will see some notable muscle added to your frame if you stick with it. I don’t use any supplements except protein powder and made it through and I am 36 yoa. Good luck. Now get to it and post your results.