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Built for Bad: Problem Changing Weights During Rest Period

I’m running the Build for Bad program by CT, and the rest periods are supposed to be between 90-120 seconds between circuits. I’m finding it difficult to switch all the weights for each circuit in the alotted “rest” time. In the article, CT mentioned to switch weights during this time. Once I get all of the weights ready for the next circuit, I immediately begin; I don’t take extra time once I’ve got the weights set. Anyone else run into this isssue? Is what I’m doing sufficient?

You can switch them between exercises instead of all at the end of the round.


There’s rest between each exercise. Are you only resting between rounds of the circuit?

No, I take around 30 seconds between each exercise, and then the recommended 2 minutes between circuits. I switched the weights today after each exercise and that seemed to help a little. I just struggle when there is a relatively big weight change with trying to keep within the recommended time frames. I could also be making a mountain out of a mole hill as well.

I ran Built for Battle for a bit and the rest between every set was 45-60 sec. I didn’t have trouble changing weights. I guess it depends on how close you can have everything and the weight increments at your disposal.

  • Take 1 minute between exercises, not 30 seconds…you can even take a bit longer it won’t decrease the training effect.

  • Change the weight when you are done with your set (put the weight for the next set).

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Thanks CT!