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Built for Bad Plateau


It appears after grinding it out on the bench last week during Week 5 of the Program, I have reached a plateau/semi-injury (left shoulder/top of delt screaming…yielding no boost whatsoever) on the bench today (thumbless grip), Day 1 of Week 6.

Was able to get the 5 reps as prescribed for Week 6 with the left delt yelping. Then only three of 4 prescribed reps (was not 80% sure I was going to get the 4th rep). One on No. 3…with total fail on the 1st rep of the No. 2 set on a weight I have put up the last two weeks with relative ease. Left side just very weak.

I brought my elbows in, repositioned the drop to the lower portion of my pec, tried to drill my scapulae into the bench…nothin’ doin’.

“7. Move to another program after 6 weeks or when you stop progressing, whichever comes first.”

All other exercises, I was able to proceed in a rough but formidable manner in my opinion.

My question is: do I now bail entirely here on Built for Bad and move on to a different program (I really don’t want to) or simply dial back the bench and proceed with the other exercises with the prescribed progression?

'preciate any advice you can muster.


Do week 6, but replace the bench press with higher reps DB press (6-8 reps per set) while keeping the 5-4-3-2-1 scheme for the other lifts. After week 6 change program.


Thank you so much.

Did we ever get an answer to the question of what to do after BFB?

[quote]mertdawg wrote:
Did we ever get an answer to the question of what to do after BFB? [/quote]

The answer would vary depending on your goals and needs.

For what it’s worth, I was considering Jim Wendler’s Beyond 5/3/1 1.1 Program followed by the 10,000 Kettlebell Swings workout. I was then going to do a CT-based hypertrophy program.

Not sure if the order of these considerations is counter-productive or just dumb. Would appreciate your opinion if you were up to it.

Goals are increased strength & aesthetics ultimately. 43 yrs old now…only playing rugby (scrumhalf, flyhalf) sparingly on the second side and maybe 4 times a year on the Old Boys squad.

I may just do BFB again toward year’s end. Truly, an insanely awesome and inspiring program. Could not WAIT to get to the gym daily. Even at the end here, where I’m coming up a tad short on the bench, I can be excited about the gains. Real gains. I used to hate the gym. It was something I needed in order to perform/compete on the pitch or mat…or with age, just eat sh!tty food reportedly guilt free. No more. There’s a purpose now.

I can’t believe I’m talking like this. I’m normally a cynical bastid from 25 miles outside of Boston. What has happened to me? :wink:

Scrap that…I will be doing “Hyper Boost complexes” as soon as they become available!