Built for Bad - Firefighters Program?

Hey CT. Whatever I do I always end up going one more time for the B4B. It just works for me. Now I have a couple of things that are getting in my way:

  1. I am a firefighter (in EU) and two days a week (every week is different days) I simply can not train.
  2. I need some kind of conditioning to go - i.e - I am strong but get me running to the 4th floor and I start breathing really heavy- so rowing, hill sprints, rope jumps?
  3. On some days I can’t get a hold of more than two bars. Can I split the circuits in to 2x3 exercises ?
  4. So this means is 4 days strength training enough? Also is it a must be 4 consecutive days or it is just a weekly basis of volume/intensity?
  5. Should I do more reps/weight to compensate ?
  6. Thank you in advance.
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Dude, I have a an upcoming update for the built for bad plan likely coming next week (Built for Battle) many of your questions will be answered :wink:


Thanks a lot. I will be sure to check regularly and post results.

Just got back to built for bad love it!!!

I couldn’t handle the standard 5 circuit 5/4/3/2/1 style (+ gym made it unfeasible) so ended up splitting into two circuits of 2-3 compounds.

Also using 8/6/4 and 7/5/3 and different rep schemes. Staggering/mixing and matching. Awesome stuff can’t wait for built for battle!!

It will have 3 options for exercise groups depending on the type of look you want. It also includes more intensity cycling during the week as well as assistance circuits for more hypertrophy. I then give options for those who want to use loaded carries.


Incredible thanks so much. If at all possible would you pls use sensational language like “most impressive rapid hypertrophy/gains & performance ever”…lol jk
but would love that

Yeah 2As need to be excited by a program, so language is indeed important

Great! Finally, I stress finally, I am pleased with a program and have stuck with it the past three weeks. Now I’m going to be enticed by this shiny new object. :man_shrugging:t2::wink:

Ooooh that’s amazing! I always wanted to do that program but using 3 barbells at the same time proved too complicated in my gym

Coach in anticipation of the built for battle… can you share a few workout samples. Or just a few days/splits (want to get back into the groove this week)??

Not really since it is a periodized scheme throughout the week. And since it’s the beef of the program, kinda hard to leak it out without having the article lose its punch

Can you please PM me some samples of your workouts please. And also I am intrested in times for example 1/2 mile , 1RMs and so on :slight_smile: . Also where can I see what type of guy am I 1A 2A?

It’s all in your PM along with my bank account info and naked pics of my wife


Sorry. I am from my phone and couldn’t make it work. I was trying to reply to sigil

I know, I was making a joke

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CT made a funny :open_mouth::astonished::flushed:


It’s my value add. Frustrating and humoring CT…one of the few gymnastic RINGS bodybuilders out there that can do both

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Oh no! You just had to go there!

@Sigil I think you do more frustrating than humoring :wink: