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Built for Bad/Battle: Muscle Snatch and High Pull from Hang or Floor?

Hi Coach,

In your opinion, would there be any adverse affect to the Built for Battle/Bad workouts by doing the muscle snatches and high pulls from the hang or even floor? The reason I ask is because my home gym has improvised blocks, which are not ideal. Thank you in advance.


In the article it is said that you can do the muscle snatches from the floor or the hang. For the high pulls I have personally used them either from the floor or from the hang. Coaches use either blocks or hang for different purposes. From the floor you will have to (and you can) generate more power. Hangs are better for balance since the limited range of motion allows less room for correction. You have to be more precise and also you have more isometric back recruitment. So I would said go for the hang or cycle them it most likely won’t make a difference unless you’re very prominent at o-lifts

Yeah, I’m probably overanalyzing stuff. I just reckon doing both the high pull and muscle snatch from the hang and/or floor will make the overall circuit much more energy sapping compared with other permutations.