BUILT FOR BAD! Aaaaamazing

Thanks heaps Christian, this is the best of the best workouts EVER!


Cool to see a woman doing it! From my experience, if given the chance, women will often train harder than men (no offense guys, just motivation to train even harder) so I like it when I see a good looking woman going hardcore!!!

Keep up the good work.

Thanks Buddy, Intense is my middle name!

Looking GOOD, ahm, Down-under!

Keep to it girl…

it’s always good to see women who aren’t afraid of hard resistance training! Awesome! That’s so true CT!

And I thought I had a long torso :slight_smile:

GOD Thats my girl !!!

Nice work, are there before shots as well?

[quote]Christian Thibaudeau wrote:
And I thought I had a long torso :)[/quote]

You’re not kidding. That’s a lot of thorax…

Laura, I can’t reply to your facebook messages because you deactivated your account

Alright, that’s it. I gotta know, Laura…

Did you do the Built for Bad Strength Circuit exactly as Coach Thibs laid this thing out? Like, did you commandeer a rack with a bench nearby and bang this thing out using all barbells? Did you modify it with dumbbells? What was your supplement intake?

I would love to know as a.) we all want to know, I’m quite sure of that and b.), I’d like to sell this concept, in it’s entirety, to my children’s mother and with your obvious success, it should be a slam dunk methinks.

In any event, good on ya. You look outstanding and as uncreepily as I can say this, I think I’m proud of you? I think we all are…

For the record, I’m on the fourth week of Built for Bad and simply cannot say enough good things about this workout and the absurdly sincere help of Coach as well as those commenting. It’s shocking actually. What the internet is supposed to be in my estimation but rarely is.

My one issue with this workout, which is unquestionably working, is simply the amount of liquid that is recommended to supplement the effort. When I finally finish the last gulp of MAG-10, as prescribed in the original B4B post, I can barely eat anything. That’s 2.5 liters of liquid supplement (Plazma, MAG-10) in about 90 minutes. I’m 5’ 8" & 162.5 lbs. Coach: can I pare this down or shall I just shadup?


OK lets set the record straight!

Straight up, in the morning I do the workout.
Have Pre workout, Fat burner beforehand and no I am not taking the MAG-10 or the Plazma.

Clean diet, protein, carbs, good fats and hard training - this program has been the god!!!
I competed a few times with the IFBB, training was split one body part per day but this workout - im addicted too. Christian YOUr info, demos, training program, is insane.
I will post my final pictures once completed.

Fuck dumbbells, I use Olympic bar, loaded.

Due to my shoulder injury yrs ago, we adapt its taken me yr’s to get the full range of motion. We do what we can!!
I have a rod in my left humerus. Military press, push pres 40kg’s

[quote]laura68 wrote:
Fuck dumbbells, I use Olympic bar, loaded.

Haha I love it!