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Built for Bad 3 Week Progress

Hey Christian,

Just wanted to share my 3 week progress on the built for bad program. I know its only three weeks and I can’t expect too much but so far I like the results I have been noticing. I have also been taking my diet serious trying to track all my calories and macronutrients.

Which leads me into two questions Christian. 1) I started at 168 lbs and I have been trying to eat 2500 calories on workout days and 2000 on off days (200 g protein, 200 g carbs, 100 g fats). Since starting I’ve lost 2 lbs. I want defined hypertrophy and of course get that six pack, does this sound like I am heading on the right track nutrition wise?

  1. The one other thing I have noticed with my traps becoming more noticeable, my left trap seems to be more defined than my left trap and I don’t know why. It is driving me crazy. Overall though I love the program and feel much stronger. Every lift I have been able to increase by 10 lbs like suggested! I can’t wait to see what a couple of months will do to me.

Awesome program though, thanks Christian. One other thing I forgot to mention is that I can’t afford the Plazma right now so I have been going 3 days a week and fitting in the beach day over the weekend like you suggested in the comments (bicep, tricep, abs, calves).

Anyone have some feedback for me? Especially on my nutrition, because that is the main thing that I am concerned with right now.

If you are eating in a caloric deficit and are GAINING strength in all of your big lifts, you’re in the money for losing fat. This maintenance of strength while cutting will be what it takes to retain all of your muscle mass.