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Built by Mike - Reviews?


Does anyone own this book/ program? It is sold on Starting Strongman for 15$.

Any other good programs or books out there about strongman training that I should consider?


Can’t personally vouch for the book, but I got a buddy who is into that programming, and what he has shared with me looks good.

If you want something free, you can get Jon Anderson’s ebook from his instagram page. Not strongman specific, but decent off season looking stuff.


It’s a good book . Mike has had success as an athlete and coach. If you have bought into high frequency or volume approaches then it’s not for you.

You press and deadlift or squat once per week for a single top set (maybe some back off sets). If you are advanced you might just deadlift twice in 6 weeks. Events training the weekend, typically two events. Accessories are kept to a minimum.

The idea is to be fresh for all training and to attack your sessions hard.

Ironmill Strong had a great article which summed it up - "Strongman a complex mathematical equation’ or something like that (think it’s gone now but an archive exists if you search)


Thanks guys, I shall check out John Anderson. Any other recommendations?