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Built But Fat Support Group (BFSG)

It’s high time there was a support group for all of you out there that’re bulking up, but putting on some fat in the process… you know, you see your abs get smoother and smoother until instead of a six-pack all you’ve got is a keg! For sure the mucsle is still packing on, but it’s just f#cking hard to see your definition to all to hell! Please tell me I’m not alone…? I figure this is a good place to whinge to those in the know… And let me be the first to say - it’s driving me freakin’ insane!!! Even with the great LBM increase, I’m just goin’ nuts!!! Thoughts welcome…

I hear you! My 10lb weight gain totally smoothed me out. No abs, no seratus, nothing. Just a smooth belly and hella love handles that I can always feel hanging on my belt when I’m sitting down, and can easily grab a fat handful. I’ve had to take steps to check the fat gain. It’s a damn slow process too! Man, this shit annoys the hell out of me! I look like a barrel since I have such short stature and a short torso.

I must say I am a proud member of the NEVER ripped club…so I can relate. I stay at no lower than 10%. As I have stated on previous posts, I love the martial arts, and for me, if I drop below 10% I feel like shit, and get so tired so easily, that sparring becomes a joke. At 10% I have my top ab showing, and all 6 if I flex, and that is more than good enough for me…lol. Right now I am bulking…up to 254, and the top abbie ab is fading fast…the poor thing. I actually do not like my look at under 10%, I like the fuller look while still keeping a flat tight stomach, it makes me look bigger. As far as when I bulk up…like now, I will be up to 13 to 15% pretty easily when this is all said and done…in about 4 months. I always have to remember tho, for people like Nate, 1% of bodyfat is like a pound and a half, for me it is like two and a half pounds…so a 5% gain in bodyfat for me is almost fifteen pounds pounds, whereas for poor Nate it is only 7 or eight pounds…I feel for ya bro!!

Whadda you mean? I’m just big bone-ded!!!

Although I’ve never tried the T-dawg or Fat fast diets, I have a hard time keeping strength and building while trimming down. Right now though, strength is more important to me than looks. Since I started lifting hard again in December '00 (layoff due to injury) I’ve put on 22 lbs with the help of a 10 week cycle of creatine and a cycle of Androsol (which I didn’t really notice much. plan on using N-sol next). Granted some of that is fat but I’ve put on a lot more muscle in these last 5-6 months than I used to in 1.5 years. Better nutrition, rest, sleep, and smarter workout regime. I think my higher BF% (16%) is just a conspiracy by all the guys who are afraid their T-babes might want to come for a ride on Big Willie’s baloney pony!!! All you Canadians have a good long weekend. Big Willie Style out…