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Built a Ghetto Powerrack from Scaffolding

It’s built for me hence it is a little narrow , as I have to hold the ends of the bar to squat.
I will have to buy or build a bench.


Now, that’s what I call DIY.


What do you do when it rains?



Mostly it showers at the moment , so I wait until it stops. I have thought of covering it though.

And slip, and fall, with several hundred pounds on your back.

Awesome creativity. It gets the job done.

Unfortunately there are internet smartasses who have to rain on your parade and break your balls. It holds the bar and has safety bars. Does most of what a rogue rack does.

It’s is a pain moving the bars. But its front squatting bars are close to where the bench would be done is.
It’s probably stronger than a commercial rack. Apparently they don’t stand up to busy gym use though.
But for me it is just fine. Haven’t dropped anything yet.

Why do you have to say that? It was a legitimate question. Have you ever lifted weights outside in the rain? It seems like it could get dangerous. Does he have an alternate place to train when it rains? Does he put a tarp up over the rack/training area? Or what?

Chris , you are right it is an important safety issue . The weather ought to be good over the next month or so. So yes I am also the member of a gym.

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Chris the guy who said to squat in the rain was being facetious. Don’t be in such a hurry to type that you forget your sense of humor.