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Building Your Own Peri-WO Supps


This is more for discussion purposes and idea exchanges, but if you were to buy bulk ingredients and build your own pre, intra, post WO stacks what would be your choices. I know there are a ton of great supps out there, but many times there is crap in there that could be left out or that some can't take for whatever reason. It seems that keeping things simple instead of the "kitchen sink" blends may be the way to go these days. Ideas?


Whey protein and dextrose is the cheapest I found.

BCAA's and fruit.

Power amp (a running supplement with bcaa's and electrolytes) and add a scoop of pure bcaa's


Forgot the grand daddy: chocolat milk. :slightly_smiling:


Pre workout...
A cup or two of joe.
Arginine and beta alanine.

Gatorade with bcaa powder

Orange gatorade with vanilla protein powder.creatine.waxy maize and bcaa powder.


For obscenely cheap and simple, whey isolate and dextrose/maltodextrin.


Preworkout I'll usually rock out a caffeine pill (again, pennies).

You could get a lot more advanced but I honestly don't see the point. Does all the super-duper stuff work? Sure. Is it going to add 50lbs to my BP? Probably not appreciably faster than a solid diet, sleep, and lifting plan.


Chocolate Milk with Peanut Butter, nothing can beat this.


Pre: Caffeine
During: BCAAs
Post: Food