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Building Work Capacity & Few Other Q

Hey Jim,
A few days ago I started your letter’s template based routine and I really like it, I want to stick to it for a few months…
I have a few questions regardless for the routine itself:

  1. How do you suggest to build a work capacity over time?
  2. Do you have any suggestion for injury preventing exercises?
  3. This one isn’t really a question but whatever… After I squat (front or back) and clean I have some bar marks, at first it’s just red like when anything touches my pale german skin but a few days later it gets worse, no pain though it’s color just changes. I suck it up but just thought maybe you had/have it too and/or know what can I do except wearing a few layers…

Thanks anyway! Love your work, keep it up! We all really appreciate it.

  1. work capacity will build on its own. Make sure you do not neglect conditioning
  2. injury prevention is about lifting smart. Keep your form in check and keep your ego out of it. There are plenty of prehab info online just google it.
  3. I get the marks too just gotta deal with it
  1. Build up your volume over time. Be sure you are recovering properly after each session.
  2. Train with balance in mind. Think “total” program and not just lifting. Use a full range - be explosive. Train the low back/abs with same focus as your squat and deadlift.
  3. It’s part of training.