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Building Weak Bodyparts and Overtraining

Hi I’m 20 years old, I’m 6’3" 255lbs and natural. I have extremely long arms and my chest and back overpower my arms and delts. Would training my arms 2x a week (Tues or wed) and again on saturday be overtraining, or beneficial.

Any tips to increase width of my delts, I currently perform seated barbell military presses, Standing behind the neck presses, seated lateral raises(charles glass style) front raises, and 1 arm lateral raises. Any suggestions?

I think you could train them twice a week with benefit but that depends upon how hard you are training them. Consider that you are not only working them on an arm day but your chest and back day work them pretty darn hard as well. Maybe share with the group what you have in mind for the arm work.

The shoulder movements you have chosen are all pretty good. I like standing rows, face pulls, barbell and dumbell shrugs, and bent over shrugs as well.

Cable work can be very productive as well. If you have access to a duel cable high / low pulley then consider some laterals and rear delt flys using the cables.

I also make myself do a short static hold at the peak of most all of these movements. Just a second or two will make a big difference to the effectiveness. Rich Gaspari wrote about this years ago and I incorporated the squeeze into everything from bicep curls to barbell rows. It makes a big difference.

One thing that my old coach taught me about pressing movements is that just because your arms are extended does not mean you are done lifting. And he is right. I can generally squeeze a bit more ROM by contracting my chest or shoulders at the peak once my arms are extended and get an inch or more to the ROM. This tends to really squeeze the chest or shoulder muscles and makes the lift more challenging and productive.

Maybe some of this will help you. Good luck.

I think you should be able to train them twice a week no problem. I have long arms also and when I started hitting them twice a week they started filling out pretty quickly (I now have stretch marks on my arms since making that adjustment to my training).

I’ve been doing 6-8 sets of bis on my leg day, a few sets at the end of my back workout. 6-8 sets of tris on my shoulder day, and a few sets at the end of my chest workout.

So it’s not like it could hurt to try - if it works great, and if it doesn’t you know it wasn’t for you.

I have the same problem. My arms and delts are still growing, but my chest and back overpower them. I already train shoulder 2x a week, but I’m hesitant to train arms twice a week. They already get worked on my back/shoulders day, so adding in more training would have them used twice a week in compound lifts and twice a week directly.