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Building up the Walls of Jericho

So after reading part of AnytimeJake’s training log, I’ve been inspired to start my own training log.
Introductory stats
Age: 17
Weight: 198.8 pounds
Height: 6 foot and a quarter inch
Waist: 32
Calculated Maxes
Bench press: 230
Dead lift: 349
Squat: 241

Around 4 years ago I lost about 40 years I went from 180 to 140 mainly through using the elliptical machine an treadmill at the local Y, used weights occasionally but nothing routinely.

At around this time last year I was a bit of a mess I had gained some weight back since the weight loss(Wasn’t fat but on the higher end of skinny fat), depressed, experimenting with drugs an habitually smoking pot, and was involved with some other things I am not so proud of. Over the Christmas break I decided that I needed to change and after reading “Convict conditioning” made a goal of completing 1 arm pull up. Although not ultimately reaching that goal I gained a decent base of flexibility and strength an I started to lift weights. I fell in love basically, working out helps me deal with stress, anger, clears my mind and ups my self esteem.

As summer ended I was at about 165 pounds and decently lean, although happy enough with how I looked I decided that I ended to bulk and here I am 30 pounds later. My goal now is to bulk up to between 210 and 220 see where my lifts an body is at, then to cut to about 175 lbs and see how I feel. (Disclaimer: These are my goals at the moment I have no idea where ill end up, only thing I can promise is that I like to lift and ill try to keep updating this)

At the moment I am splitting my body into three different parts:
Chest and Triceps
Back and Biceps

I am open to any critique and am always experimenting depending on how I feel and what makes sense. The three big lifts are the primary reasons why I broke my body into three separate days.

January 3rd 2013 Chest and triceps
Just working on my bench press today didn’t really want to do much else. Feeling good though making some decent gains lately. Not to sore or have a “pump” feeling afterwards but it seems productive just got to stick with it.

Wide grip benchpress
165 lbs 12 reps 8 reps 6 reps 4 reps
135 lbs 8 reps 6 reps 6 reps
147 lbs 12 reps 7 reps 8 reps

Wide grip dips
6 reps (a little bit of shoulder pain didn’t want to hurt anything)

Maxed out on them

Close grip benchpress
60 lbs 15 reps
81 lbs 20 reps
107 lbs 12 reps