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Building up quickness

Hi guys,
i am 19y.o and i would really like to improve my quickness. The problem is, i cannot find any information on how to specifically do so. I mean, there are many different ways i could go about it, but i’m not sure what to do. Should i be doing 3 set,6-12 rep strength training, or should i be using plyometrics or should i just be doing low strength/lots of reps that only concentrate on a quick contartion and ignore the eccentric part of the movement?
Some of the main things i want to improve are my sidewards/backwards running speed and my arm quickness for steals.Any help would really really be appreciated.

There’s a thread above that is cvering a lot of your questions. Basically, if your absolute strength is where it should be, concentrate on quick contractions in the 1-6 range and plyometrics. however if your strength is low (can’t deadlift/squat 2X your body weight) then that might be a priority. The only barrier to that is if you are in season already. if that’s the case, check out some of Coach Davies’ renegade training articles.

Renegade Training would be well suited for you. Check out all of Coach Davies’ articles on T-mag and at Infinity Fitness. You may want to email him for more info.

You should put alot of work into various change of direction cone drills, along with plenty of time on the foot ladder. For your lifting stick with lower rep explosive movements, and plyos. I’m sure Coach Davies would be more than happy to expand on all of this. Best of luck.

First of all - thanks guys for all the kind words, I appreciate it a great deal. You need to re-direct no merely on sets & reps of movement but your total development of an athlete. Careful scrutiny of every element (ie. range of motion, agility, linear speed, proprioreception, posterior chain strength, abdominal development particularily as it pertains to pelvic tilt & speed strength). If you can tell me more a little more about what you have been doing I would be honored to help. In faith, Coach Davies

Hey guys, thanks for responding.
And to coach Davies; right now i’m not really doing much, i’m still trying to get a plan. I’ll tell you exactly what i am doing.
High rep lunges and quad blasts(basically a very low weight squat), toe raises and balancing.And one day of plyometrics which includes 3 sets of normal jumps, side to side jumps,one legged jumps and 180o jumps.By the way, i don’t have any sort of box-i hope that it isn’t necassary to use one! Also, i do bicep curls, military and bench press twice a week and situps,twisters and side sit ups twice a week. Thats basically my workout.
i know thats not an ideal speed-building workout, but the purpose of what i am doing now is to try and add inches to my vertical leap, as well as gain upper body size. But i also want to improve my overall quickness for basketball.

As you noted your reply - the goal of your program is to increase vertical ability and athleticism for Basketball. However, I think you need to re-direct some of your attention to multiple joint exercise’s, possibly additional torso work and flexibility. I look forward to hearing from you. In faith, Coach Davies

hi coach davies, about that last post regarding additional torso work,etc.
could you give me a few ideas as i’m clueless!
Thank you,