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Building Up My Flabby Ass

I used to lift alot about 2 years ago. Since I stopped I’ve lost alot of muscle weight, specifically in my ass, not to sound feminine or anything. I’ve been been slowly getting back into my routine for about 2 months now and I have barely noticed any change back there. What should I be doing to get my ass toned and good looking again? I squat and deadlift but it just doesn’t seem to be cutting it. Also do squats or deadlifts hit your ass more?

Both are good, just keep doing them. Make sure you are squatting all the way down. 2 months is no time man after a 2 year lay off.

[quote]Deadend66 wrote:
toned [/quote]

=less body fat. You can’t spot reduce. If you want to be “toned” drop some body fat. Simple.

heavy squats, sprinting, deadlifts.Also bring up the hamstrings.If you have access to a hack squat machine, do high reps with heavy weight(relatively speaking).

Lots and lots of cardio!!! I am totally pear shaped and one of the hardest areas to get in shape is the ass! I have done countless amounts of squats at different variations, walking lunges, you name it and without the cardio and a very clean diet all that happens is bulk under the flabby ass!

Also, with alot of clients I have worked with in the past I have found that alot of them do not truly “focus” on what their body is doing throughout the full movement of a squat. It can be easy to do so! Arnold said it best when he stated that every rep he did he imagined the muscles movement and the work in process. So remember that during your squats you focus on digging into those heels and truly pushing with all of your force performing the perfect squat rather than just getting through it!