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Building traps (shoulders) correctly

I am trying to bulk up so I started the mass eating diet, and eat 6 meals a day. Currently, I get about 35 grams of protein a meal and 45 grams of carbs. I am 6’1’’ and started at 168 about 5 weeks ago, now I am up to 182. So I have gained about 14 pounds, I have started a 3 day workout routine, Day 1(Monday)- Biceps and Back Day 2(Wed)- Legs and Shoulders Day 3(Fri) - Chest and Tri’s. I have noticed the biggest gains in my arms, and chest. My question is, my collar bone on directly on top of my shoulder always sticks out on both sides, and it makes me always wear 2 shirts to disguise it. What exercises will build up this area? I am doing shoulder shrugs, and a lift which you put both hands real close and pull the barbell straight up near your chest. Also, I am getting a gut, is that just natural when you are bulking up?

Dunno what you’re doing for shoulder exercises,
but the overhead press will develop your shoulders to a terrific degree. You can mix
it up with behind the neck, push presses, push
jerk variations too. I’d can the lateral
raises if you’re doing those, grab a barbell,
stand back straight(!), and get that barbell
straight overhead…

There’s a big post about trap training somewhere, it wouldn’t take much looking to find it. For shoulders, do lots of overhead stuff. I think it’s better to do all pressing strictly, but any overhead stuff is still good. Do 10-15 quick singles with 70-80% of max.

Which will put meat on in that area? The shoulder exercises or trap?

Is your traps are lagging, use Snatches and Cleans. For the shoulders, various presses and shoulders raises should do the trick…

Ian King wrote a shoulder routine and Poliquin wrote something a long time ago about traps…

My 2 cents

I’m no anatomist, but I think you need to build up your shoulders.