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Building The Prowler

I have felt in love with the prowler, but it is simply too expensive to buy and ship to Denmark. So I will try to build one myself, but i need some measurements of it. Therefor i would be very happy if an owner of a prowler would give me the following measurements:

1)How tall are the two black barbells?
2)How tall are the highest handle?
3)And how long is the “beam”

Look at the picture if i is not sure what I mean:

I’ll measure mine but give me a few days as it’s put away for the winter.

[quote]JRT6 wrote:
I’ll measure mine but give me a few days as it’s put away for the winter.[/quote]

That would be awesome. Thank you!

Can’t you give it your best guesstimate? This ain’t rocket science here. Just make sure the end posts are small enough in diameter to fit olympic plates on them, and make sure the skis bolt on so you can replace them. They will wear out if you use it on concrete/pavement.

i have used one numerous times so i can give you a rough estimate.
#1 is like 3ft long each and like 2.5in or a decent bit less diameter than a 45lb plate inner ring
#2 ~12in to the top one
#3 ~2.5ft for each beam.

i would not worry about exact measurements. just make sure whatever you build has hi and low poles and make some loops for the bands or whatever to attach. btw, to help, the poles (#1) are not welded to the prowler. they rest loosely in a hole so they can be removed to break it down/add weight easier.

good luck. it will kick your ass

coolnatedawg: Are your measurements of #1 and #2 from the floor or from the beam? And thanks.

uh teh measurement for #1 is just the length of #1. like I said, they are just poles you can pull out. so it is a 3 foot pole.

for #2, just do something like 6in from the beams to the first horiz pole, and another 6 for the other. or 4 and 4. doesnt really matter