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Building The Perfect Cycle


Taken many cycles. Tried almost everything except anavar.
Decided that my favorites are primo, test E, EQ, Adex, and Cytomel.

trying to build the perfect cycle.
1. Not too much bc don't want to get too aggressive or egotistical.
2. Use only what I need

So how do I dose the above?
500 test
500 EQ
300 Primo
30 mcg t3
.5 mg Adex EOD?

Seems like too much all at once. I want to bulk first, with some dark matter protein( best ever) so lets drop T3.

500 Test
500 EQ
300 Primo
.5 Adex EOD

how else can I dose this?
will I get the same results from
400 test
400 eq
200 Primo?

  1. Stats
  2. Length of cycle
  3. These are your favorite compounds right? What doses worked before
    Not for nothing but If you base your gains off a protein powder you’ll be disappointed. I suggest ditching protein powders and eating 6 squares