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Building the Monolith with Front Squat/RDL?


Hey guys,

due to a history of problems with my SI-joint I can’t do heavy back squats and heavy deadlifts without having weeks of pain after doing them.
So I stuck with front squats and some romainan deadlifts (or kettlebell swings) for the last years.

Now I’d like to do the Monolithand was wondering if it would work with front squats with the heavy sets and back squats only with the 20 reps on friday.
Also I’d do RDL instead of deadlifts on wednesday (maybe snatch grip deadlifts would also be okay).


Is the trap bar a deadlift option for you?


What about block/rack pulls?


The RDL is an assistance exercise and can’t really take the place of a deadlift. It’s difficult to tell whether you’re actually completing the reps properly and getting stronger. Have you been to a chiropractor or figured out what the problem is? I used to continually hurt my SI during squats and deadlifts, but I went and got the issues fixed.


I don’t think anyone needs to do deadlifts if they’re not competing in Powerlifting, unless they enjoy it and absolutely want to do it.

Same with back squat.

I think front squat and RDL is a great idea. I’d also consider trap bar DL and/or rack pulls at a height that doesn’t bother you


DL is not that OP for body composition and recuperation


I would not recommend these changes for the Monolith program.