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Building the Monolith - Weighted Dips Instead of Shrugs?

What about doing weighted dips instead of shrugs on friday? I think it is doable. And the shrugs, i know traps, but that’s all. Dips are like squat but on upper body. What do you think? And this workout program is realy great. Nice, after that i want to do Hardgainer program.

Aren’t you already doing dips on Monday so why double it? I’d keep the shrugs in. You’ll thank me later when your traps start from behind your ears.

This is one of the many silly quotes about training that shouldn’t actually be taken to mean anything. It’s right up there with “the squat is the king of exercises” and “life is not worth living if you don’t deadlift.” Very cute expressions, but nothing to base actual training decisions around.

Are you doing the full 200 dips on the first day? If so, I don’t think you will want to do any more that week. If not, build up to that.


Yes, but chin ups are on monday too. On monday 100 Reps total. On friday Weighted 5x5 . Yes i have small arms and i think huge arms and small traps are better than big traps and small arms

I just love dips. And no, i do just 100 Reps on Monday. Because i don’t have time on Monday. I’m in the work 7:30 to 15:30, school from 16:00 to 18:30 and workout 19:00-21:00. I go sleep at 23:00 and waking up at 7:00. So, its not posible for me to do so many reps on that day.

To each his own I guess, I definitely find someone with large traps to be more impressive than someone with big arms.

What you have proposed is just a change to one assistance exercise so it isn’t going to kill your gainz completely, but doing it as written is likely going to lead to the best results.

If you love dips and can recover from that many dips in a week then I say giver! …as long as you are aware that these exercises are not alternatives for working the same muscle groups…

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Have you considered rest pausing? Or improving your conditioning? I think improving your training density will carry you much further than just doing dips more often. The fact you can’t get it done in 2 hours means there is probably more to work on.

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I did this program over the summer, and I wouldn’t suggest more dips. By Friday my shoulders and triceps were pretty beat up and the shrugs actually felt good. My arms and traps grew also.

Ok, i just on monday is chin ups 100 reps and on friday 5x5 weighted chin ups, so why not on monday 100 dips and on friday 5x5 weighted dips. But all right. I do it how it writen. And 2 hours, so the last thing on monday what i want is go to workout. After 8 hour in the heavy work, about 2 hours of teaching i don’t have more energy for that. Just do the work and go home. But on friday i have more energy.

If you have the most energy Friday why not just switch from M,W,F to F,Su,Tu?

The exact week schedule doesn’t matter as much as the 6 days in order.

On Monday and friday, chins are the only back work you do. On monday and friday, you are doing a ton of pressing, which hits the same muscles as dips. Friday especially.

If it’s a day of the week thing, do the Monday workout on Friday, the Wed workout on Monday, and the Fri workout on Wed.

EDIT: @Roran already covered my idea. Credit where credit is due.

I already started with M/W/F and i don’t want to change it.(I want to have free weekend for family). I’m today finished third week. I just need more pre-workout supplements.

I feel as though you are putting yourself in a position of helplessness.


If you have two full hours to work out and still can’t finish Building the Monolith on time, I’d say you take way too long rest periods.


The squat IS the king of exercises and life is NOT worth living if you don’t dead lift. There is a lot of stupid shit going on out there- but those two philosophies aint included.

That is a silly thing.

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If you’re tired after work and school (and I would be too), any reason not to go to bed earlier and work out first thing in the morning? It takes an adjustment, but once you settle into that schedule it may help

In the workout time is warm-up and cooldown. Jump rope, foam roller, scapula workout, and after workout stretch and 10 minutes meditation. and in the morning? I don’t like it. I want to eat great breakfast, read book, etc. I like this habits and i don’t want to change it. I just thought about adding dips to more days. But ok no . 3 weeks out and after that Hardgainer with more dips or prep for strongman competetion. I’m not sure right now. Thanks a lot guys for advice.