Building the Monolith Routine for Woman?

Hi Jim, I’m an experienced lifter and I’ve done your programs, " boring but big", and now “building the monolith”. in a word? amazing. I have your book and I love your methods. I would like to know if in the " building the monolith" program I could make adaptations to suit a woman’s (my wife’s) typical goals.
what about instead of hundreds of curls, and shrugs add hundreds of another exercises, like lounges, plio squats or hip trusts?

*thousands of hip thrusts. Can’t have too much glute

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I wouldn’t add anymore lower body volume. There’s already a ton. If you wanted to Take outshrugs and curls you could though. The program only requires that you do the first 3 exercises each day. Although I personally wouldn’t leave out the facepulls/band pull aparts

Curls and shrugs won’t impact recovery. Curls are in there for elbow health, and shrugs are in there for more posterior chain/upper back work. I’m going to read it as plyo squats, and I know if I did 100 of those in place of shrugs at the end of my top set/widow maker squat day, I would not recover as well. She can always try it and see, but she should try and run it as written first and understand why things are written the way they are.

If your wife’s goals do not mesh with most of monolith, she probably shouldn’t run Monolith. There’s always hundreds o other templates she could run that can be tailored to said needs and goals.

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Thanks for reply. But this is not only a personal doubt. The question is : " can the BTM Program be changed in some details to be a good routine for a typical woman?"
Realy, note that no woman is interested in lots Iof curls And shrugs. I know this Program Was designed for a typical male. And it is absolutely very effective for us. But could Jim Wendler sugest some adaptation that could turn this Program Also so efective for a typical female goals?

The female physique competitors I know would disagree. If you’re dead-set on changing it though, do something low impact like cable pull-throughs. Not all that taxing since they’re self limiting and booty gains I guess? They won’t get the Wendler seal of approval, but neither will totally changing the program.

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I wouldn’t go that far. Women can run it and get great results. The goal set just has to match the program. Switching in exercises that will impede recovery for main exercises makes no sense to do. Not on this program, or any program.

Outside of competitive bodybuilders and strength athletes, I don’t know any woman who wants to put on the mass that comes from eating and training while on Monolith.

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for me and my goals the program have been perfect. the best powerbuilding program i have done.

womans therefore, wants build big glutes, quads and hams.