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Building the Monolith After 6 Weeks, Questions

Hey guys, I did 6 weeks of the Monolith.

  • I thought I could run this template for longer but without DMAA I need every time a perfect mindset for doing the workouts.
  • I love full body workouts, so I wanna stick with this sort of template
  • If anybody is interested I write something more about it and about my results.

This is the general set up I thought about for my future template. I will do it anyway, but I appreciate every comment.

Squats 5/3/1+
Press FSL 5x5-8
Chin Ups 5x5 Weighted
Shrugs 50-100 Reps
Face Pulls 100 Reps

Deadlift 5/3/1+
Bench Press 5/3/1 FSL 5x5-8
DB Rows 5x10-20
Curls 5x10-20

Squats FSL 5x5-8
Press 5/3/1+
Chin Ups 50-100 Reps
Dips 50-100 Reps
Face Pulls 100 Reps

The only conditioning I do is working out with the jump rope about 10.- 20 min postworkout and do a lot of walking on off days. I have some competitions here and yet. But this template should be more bodybuilding and longterm health as powerlifting

try it out and let us know how it goes. It seems to look very similar to BTM but without the BBS Press or 5x5/3/1 Squats/Deads/Bench. In fact, I think your setup looks really good for long term - just don’t lock yourself into the assistance work; you might also want to take a look at 1000% Awesome (forever book and on the private forum) - which is very similar to what you’ve written above.

thanks for your comment marc. I will let you know how the template works. I know the awesome template, but I had shoulder issues in the past so I take more focus on shoulder health and overhead pressing.

I am concerned about one thing and thats the squats. Maybe it´s not enough volume to get stronger and build muscle. But I will try it.

I wouldn’t be overly worried about that. Squatting twice a week and doing DL should be enough to get it done. If, for some reason, it’s not then you could try changing the FSL to either BBB or BBS, or changing the 5/3/1+ to 5s pro and a widow maker. That’s the cool thing about 531, it’s flexible

1000% awesome allows you to change the bench and the press days. So you can press twice a week instead of bench, if that’s what you want to do.

5 Sets of 5 with 85% right? And the BBS are 10 Sets, so I guess I will stick with the Boring But Big. 5 Sets of 10 should be enough for building muscle, maybe I try a DUP version like this:

5x10 @65%, 5x8 @70%, 5x6 @75%

thank´s guys! I appreciate your answers very much :slight_smile:

Try not to overcomplicate, throwing a whole bunch of new shit out there can backfire because you don’t know what new thing you threw in is what’s actually working. First just try the FSL for a cycle or two and see how it feels, if you feel you need more, try a cycle or two of awesome, repeat with BBS and BBB until you find what you like/need. This method of trial and error might take a little longer for you to hit the right groove, but in the long run will usually lead to better results than frankensteining a bunch of things together

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I think your template looks okay, it should be doable.
Try it for a couple of cycles, do a deload and while deloading evalute.
Was something good or bad.
Most important did you like it. If you did, try a couple of cycles more.
If you are going to change something as The Lord said only change one thing at the time. And if you at putting something in, you have to take something out.