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Building the Monolith, Ab Work?


Hi Jim, do you recommend doing any abs work during the monolith program? I started Building the Monolith last week and have been doing it as written but wanted to know if there was any abs work you recommend to pair with the program? I’m not overly concerned, just curious. I certainly do not want abs work to interfere with the program as written if you suggest against doing it.



Not Jim, but I ran monolith and I always add a few sets of abs and ghr to the end of any program. I used to always have lower back issues due to a weak low back and abs, so I always had a reason to add them. I see no problem, so long as it does not affect your lifts


I don’t have a weak abs or lower back problem/issue - my main concern is whether abs work should or should not be done with the program since it’s not mentioned either way. When doing other 5/3/1 variations I always do 100-200 reps of abs on deadlift day only (leg raises, weighted sit ups, abs wheel and side bends). Since these are full body workouts, I want to know if I should continue with the abs work on the Wednesday workout (bench/deadlift) or pause it until after the 6 weeks.


Try it and see. If it affects your workouts, stop


Why do you want to change the program after a week?

Do the program.


I don’t want to change the program; the question was pure curiosity. Thanks for the reply.