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Building the Monolith - 20 Reps Squat


I just want to check if percentages of 20 reps squat on Jim's Blog are correct?



Yes. The blog lists the percentages.


Thank you for your answer.

In the end of the blog writes "20 rep squats SUCK. If you want, adjust the %’s on this day and make them lower (but still follow the same progression – 5% jumps per week)." so I thought there were some typos in the listed percentages.


So if my max is 400 squat, go from 180 to 280 for twenty reps in six weeks , hard but doable .
Especially if beginner's who is hungry, in decent shape


And this is doing 1 x 20 once a week?
Can I do this set of 20 and then do leg ext & curls etc.? Or just do the 20 and be done?


If you did it right, you should not be able to.


Just read the Building the Monlith, noticed it called for squats 5 sets of 5 at 90%. I can just about do one set of 5 at 90%. Have I read it wrong or am I just weak?


Your TM is wrong, you are not dedicated (reread the first sentence after the program) or you had a bad day.

I would do at least three cycles if you have never done 5/3/1 before. That way, you take out the guess work if if you have the right weight.


Probably better getting someone's opinion too but I'd say your TM is too high, my training max is a weight I can hit 5 reps with.


Your right, forgot about the TM being 90% of your true max. Worked it out again at 90% of my TM and it would be hard (as stated in the program) but I could just about manage it.


The TM is 85% of your true max for building the monolith.

You gotta read every word of that short article dude. It really pays off.


I can only triple 90% in most lifts


Yeah after after 20 rep squats you are fried, you will hate stairs, was at doctor once after squat max for twenty, he asked why my legs were shaking.
Dont have a full stomach before, or after also once a ate huge meal after , 50 reps squats, any way i only rented food.