Building The Braken

Hey all, been lurking on T Nation for about two months now. Mostly reading the articles and popping into the forums now and again. Finally got myself signed up over the weekend when I went and ordered some of Biotest’s goodies. (Surge pre and post, ZMA-12, Rez-V, and Metabolic Drive which came in today - Very exciting!) So now I’ve decided to start up a training log on here, since my last paper log went AWOL and my current one is starting to deteriorate.

Anyway, I’ve been following Christian Thibaudeau’s Beast Building program for 16 days now and here are the highlights of what’s happened.

Pre-Beast Building Records:
Height:6’4" Weight: 305 Bodyfat %: Unknown
PRs Deadlift: 405 for a double Bench Press: 245 for 4 reps Pull Ups: 5 consecutive Squats: 420 for a double

Exercise Selections/Programming Review
Day One: Push Press, Deadlift, Bent Over Rows - 20min per exercise, as many sets as possible
Day Two: Bench Press static hold paired with Speed Bench, Deadlift static hold paired with Hang Cleans, Back Squat static hold paired with Jump Squats - 90 to 120 seconds of rest between sets.
Day Three: Off, or a long walk if I feel the need to do something.
Day Four: Dumbbell Bench Press, Snatch Grip Deadlift, T-Bar Rows - 20min per exercise, as many sets as possible.
Day Five: Off
Day Six: Bench Press - Partials and Forced Eccentrics; Rack Pulls paired with Eccentric Deadlift; Pull Ups - Partials and Negative; Dumbbell Bench Press Light x100-200; Leg Press Light x100-200; Lat Pulldowns Light x100-200 - 90 to 120 seconds rest between partials and eccentrics, as little rest as possible with Light x100-200.

I had started to type my way through 16 days of workout log background, then as I was reading back over it I realized how boring it really looked, so here’s a quick highlight reel of the first two weeks:

[u]Week One:[/u]
Original workout log went missing, learned how to do a snatch grip deadlift, and got my first taste of the love/hate relationship I’ve developed with the Overload day (Day Six)
Records: Partial Bench Press for 275x5
Eccentric Deadlift for 445x1

[u]Week Two:[/u]
Discovered that my Day One workout was going to be absolute murder on my hands (tore a callous off halfway through, taped it up and gutted it out.) I was very glad to note, however, that my body was getting into the groove of all the lifts. Really enjoyed watching big weights move around on Overload day.
Records: Push Press for 155x2 (12 times, in 20 minutes)
Partial Bench Press for 295x3
Eccentric Deadlift for 495x1

Which brings us to this week…

[u]Week Three:[/u]
Day 15: Push Press at 175lbs for singles - 12 singles in 20 minutes
Deadlift at 405 for singles - 8 singles in 20 minutes!
Bent Over Rows at 225 for singles - 15 singles in 20 minutes

Day 16 [Today]: Bench Press static hold at 385 for an average of 6 seconds, Speed Bench at 185lbs for 8 reps - 5 pairs
Deadlift static hold at 225 for an average of 9 seconds, Hang Cleans at 155 for 5, 3, 4, 3, 3 reps - 5 pairs
Back Squat static hold at 500lbs for an average of 7 seconds, Jump Squats at 95 for 8, 8, 8, 6, 6 reps - 5 pairs

I have to say, Surge made a huge difference in today’s workout. In past weeks I’d be trying to rationalize only going halfway down in the jump squats, and doing sets of 6 for all five pairs, today a number of them were nearly ATG!

Was planning to add some ‘before’ pictures to this post, but having seen how long it is already I think I’ll save them for a Before and After at the end of next week!

Day 18: Dumbbell Bench Press at 80lbs for singles - 10 singles in 20 minutes
Snatch-Grip Deadlift at 205lbs for singles - 12 singles in 20 minutes
T-Bar Rows at 225lbs for singles - 14 singles in 20 minutes

Overload tomorrow, can’t wait!

Day 20 (10/16/2011): Overload

Partial Bench at 295lbs for 3-5 reps paired with Forced Eccentrics at 225+ manual resistance; 5 sets of 3/3

Rack Pulls at 495lbs for 3-5 reps paired with Negative Deadlift at 545lbs; 5 sets of 3/3

Partial Pull Ups at bodyweight for 3-5 reps paired with Negative Pull Ups at bodyweight for one; 5 sets of 5, 5, 5, 3, 3, 5/1

Dumbbell Bench Press at 25lbs for 100 reps, done as a 10x10 with 5-10 second pauses

Lat Pulldowns at 80lbs for 100 reps, done as 2x50 with a long enough pause to take a gulp of Surge

Leg Press at 90lbs added for 100 reps, done as 1x100; I probably could have loaded more weight on, but I was already playing a game of chicken with my lunch…

First day of Deloading Week starts (looks at the time) today, technically. Hopefully I’ll get better about posting up logs more promptly.

One thing that I’m not 100% clear on with Beast Building is this: For the Deloading Week should I be deloading, maintaining, or still trying to advance on days 2 and 6?