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Building The Berserker

Sorry to hear that man

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After a deload, I’m sure 455 is there. Plus, that’s still a damn impressive deadlift to have. Also, you’ll have 500 by the end of the year for sure.

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4/22/19- Squats
Right lower trap still feeling iffy, feeling pretty good now though.
Can’t seem to eat right when I’m injured, back down to 198BW from 203BW

Back Squats- Beltess
Bar x10
135lbs/62kg x8
225lbs/102kg x8
245lbs/111kg x3x8 All of which were around RPE 6
225lbs/102kg x3x3 (Tempo 5-3-0-1) Last set ended up around RPE 7
Really happy with the extra torso strength the beltess SSB work added.

Accessory/BB Work

  • DB RDL’s- 55lbs/25kg x2x8, 80lbs/36kg x2x8
  • Leg Press-
    4 Plates x10
    4 Plates and a Quarter x2x10
    5 Plates x10
  • Leg Ext SS W/Leg Curls- x3x15
  • Calf Raises x4x20 SS W/Heel Elevated Goblet Squats x4x8

Had a lot of fun this training session. Gonna make for a powerbuilding type routine for this offseason, frequency of this program is gonna keep me busy and will push me pretty hard, but the bodybuilding work is a lot of fun. A new aspect to training, focusing on the muscle and keeping it under constant tension was humbling for me and is something I’m definitely not used to. DOMS are killing me today.

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4/29/19- Squats
Back Squats- Beltless
Bar x10
135lbs/62kg x10
225lbs/102kg x5
245lbs/111kg x4x8
245lbs/111kg x10
225lbs/102kg x3x4 (Paused)
Everything feels like its clicking with squats right now.

Leg Press-
3 Plates x10
5 Plates x5
6 Plates x10 (Drop set from here)
5 Plates x8
4 Plates x12
3 Plates x12
This set immobilized me for a solid minute.

DB RDL’s- 70lbs/35kg x3x12 (Tempo: 5-3-5-1)


4/30/19- Bench Day
Paused Bench-
Bar x20
135lbs/62kg x8
155lbs/70kg x3
165lbs/74kg x4x8
165lbs/74kg x10

Incline DB Bench-
45lbs/20kg x2x10
70lbs/31kg x2x10

Accessory Work

  • BW Dips- Paused x3x12
  • Tricep Pushdowns- x5x20 SS W/Hammer Curls- x5x8
  • Underhand Tricep Pushdowns (Single arm) x2x10 SS W/Barbell Curls- x2x10

5/3/19- Upper Body

  • Giant Set/Cluster Set
    Log Viper Press- x3, 12 Rep Cluster Sets. (4 Reps W/150lbs/68kg with 10sec rest inbetween)
    Battle Ropes- x10sec
    Pull-ups- x8
    Ab Wheel- x10
    (1min rest at the end of each giant set)

Short & Sweet, hell on my poor lungs, Cluster sets are definitely gonna be a new tool in my training.

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5/3/19- Came back for a little therapy session later today
DB Bench-
50lbs/22kg x15
70lbs/31kg x8
80lbs/36kg x8
90lbs/41kg x2x5
(Getting close to the 100’s on DB Bench hehe)

Tricep Pushdowns- SS W/BB Curls- x2x20, x2x10, x2x6

Up to 16in/40cm arms now, feeling quite jyoocy.

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5/4/19- Deadlifts
Beltless Deadlifts-
135lbs/62kg x10
225lbs/102kg x5
315lbs/142kg x5
335lbs/152kg x2
355lbs/161kg x2, 6 rep Clusters (2+2+2, 10sec rest)

Deficit TBDL- 255lbs/115kg x3x7 (5sec Eccentric)

Accessory Work

  • Barbell Rows-
    135lbs/62kg x10
    155lbs/70kg x2x8
    195lbs/88kg x2x8

  • Pull-ups- x5xMax Reps: 8,7,7,3,2


5/6/19- Squats
Back Squats- Beltless
Bar x20
135lbs/62kg x10
225lbs/102kg x5
255lbs/115kg x5
275lbs/124kg x3x7
275lbs/124kg x10 (PR!!!)
255lbs/115kg x2x6 (Paused)
Squat is coming up well. Next week should be 305/138kg x8+

DB RDL’s- 105lbs/47kg x4x10

Leg Press-
4 Plates x10
5 Plates x10
6 Plates x2x10
6 Plates & a Quarter x10
7 Plates x10


5/10/19- Upper Body
Training has kinda been jacked up this week, parents don’t want to take me to the gym as much.
Bench Press-
Bar x20
135lbs/62kg x5
155lbs/70kg x5
185lbs/84kg x5x7 SS W/Pull-ups- x5x6

Incline DB Bench-
55lbs/25kg x2x20
70lbs/31kg x2x8

Swiss Bar Curls W/Fat Gripz-
Bar x10
75lbs/34kg x10
95lbs/43kg x8
115lbs/52kg x5
95lbs/43kg x7 (Drop Set)
75lbs/34kg x10 (Drop Set)
Bar x6 (Drop Set)

Tricep Pushdowns W/Fat Gripz-
80lbs/36kg x15
100lbs/45kg x15
120lbs/54kg x10
150lbs/68kg x6
120lbs/54kg x8 (Drop Set)
100lbs/45kg x9 (Drop Set)
80lbs/36kg x11 (Drop Set)


5/13/19- Squats
Back Squats- Beltless
Bar x20
135lbs/62kg x5
185lbs/84kg x5
225lbs/102kg x4
245lbs/111kg x3
265lbs/120kg x2
285lbs/129kg x1
305lbs/138kg x10 (PR!! Bested my belted PR with 305lbs/138kg by 2 reps. Very Happy)
345lbs/156kg x1 (With Belt, Record Ease for me)

Leg Press-
4 Plates x8
6 Plates x8
7 Plates x8
8 Plates x8
7 Plates x6 (Drop Set)
6 Plates x8 (Drop Set)
5 Plates x11 (Drop Set)
This particular drop set made it to where I couldn’t walk for 2-3min… Lovely.

Leg Curls- x4x25

(I think at the end of this 12 weeks I’m either going to go for a 4 Plate Squat, or a 20 rep set with 3 plates)


Slight issue recently, my asshole has become Fort Knox. I am constipated, my water consumption has been good, vegetable consumption has been the same, really I haven’t changed much in my diet at all. Anyone have any good ideas on how I can get back to shitting on a regular basis??

Fort knox was built to keep things out


Dulcolax never fails, using it once will clean you out. Make sure you take it either right before you go to bed or when you first wake up because it takes 6-12 hours to move through your system.

Other things you can try are missing a meal or two, limiting meat intake for a day or so, eating a lot more veggies, and investing in a decent probiotic.

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5/15/19- Bench Day
DB Bench-
55lbs/25kg x20
70lbs/31kg x10
80lbs/36kg x5
90lbs/41kg x2
105lbs/47kg x4 (PR! My next goal with the 105’s will be for a set of 6)
80lbs/36kg x6,6,8

Dips W/Pause at the bottom-
BW x20
BW +25lbs/11kg x20 (Rest Pause, x10,4,2,2,2)

Swiss Bar Curls- 95lbs/43kg x5x6 SS W/Tricep Pushdowns- x5x10

Barbell Curls- x5x10 SS W/Rear Delt Flyes- x5x10


5/16/19- Deadlifts & Back
135lbs/62kg x10
225lbs/102kg x5
315lbs/142kg x5
365lbs/165kg x6 (Cluster, x2+2+2 W/10sec Rest)
385lbs/174kg x6 (Cluster, x2+2+2 W/10sec Rest)
405lbs/183kg x6 (Cluster, x2+2+2 W/12sec Rest)
Been kinda inconsistent with my deadlifts since I strained my lower traps. No pain whatsoever this workout. I felt great!

Deficit Snatch Grip Deadlifts- Beltless W/5sec Eccentrics
225lbs/102kg x6
245lbs/111kg x3x6 (Christ my upperback got lit up by these)

Accessory Work

  • Pendlay Rows- 185lbs/84kg x5x6

  • Lat Pulldowns- x5x15-20 SS W/Cable Rows- x5x15-20


Very Excited for this summer break. I’ve been putting together my Off-Season work and am very happy with how it looks. Gonna be going balls to the wall this summer (Within a safe level and actually have a plan)

A little insight into how this program will look for me.

  • I’ll be touching strongman events minimally.
  • I’ll be doing Wenning style warm-ups
  • I won’t be using my belt the entire time unless it’s for a heavy deadlift session.
  • I will be running a push-pull style program that hits every muscle 3x every 2 weeks.
  • I will be doing speed work, rep work and heavy volume for each muscle group
  • It will be mainly powerbuilding. I’ll be at maintenance/surplus for all 14 weeks.

Time to build the Berserker.


Brett The Berserker HYPE!

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If “Building the Berserker” isn’t your new log title…


I’m excited to see this! good luck!

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