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Building The Berserker

I almost think you need to get a hold of a sand-like bag-like implement and throw the fucker. It’s generally why guys win vs lose the event at any showing. It’s not a matter of power as it is finesse to trajectory and the like.

BUT, a 35lb bag is pretty fucking heavy for you and if the bar is high, you need a lot of power to throw that bitch over. Really, try your hardest to mimic the event exactly, because in this scenario, emulation is key.

Aside, I would also train your 1A-1C stuff post training, or in the midst of training. Certainly not fresh, anyway.

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Some of both, but mainly technique.

With the job I have now I might be able to direct some of my fund from nationals into a little sandbag fund.

When I was prepping for the sandbag toss at World’s last year, I practiced with a 33 lbs sandbag from Rogue, which I filled with crumb rubber. That was sufficiently dense for the bag to be pretty packed in. The heaviest bag I had to throw in contest was 40 lbs, over 14 feet. So the 33 was a great weight to practice with.

The way I trained it was mostly performing tosses as high as possible, trying to get my direction right, for a bunch of reps at the end of deadlift sessions as an accessory to that. Frequent practice helped me a ton. Try to be as explosive as possible on all training reps.

Your plan isn’t bad, but if at all possible, I’d really try to buy your own rogue throwing bag for practice. It’s really a great piece of equipment to have.

Agree with vinny about not training the lift fresh.

And agree that technique/direction is absolutely the key. Which is why your plan falls short. There’s a huge difference between throwing a bell and throwing a bag, because of the way the handle moves and the bag rotates. The sandbag is attached to its handle by a flexible strap, whereas the kettlebell is rigid. Totally changes the feel and trajectory of the throw. If you want to do well, you’ll have to practice with a sandbag.


An aside, you could always ask your parents to buy like 15 gallons of milk under a veil that you’re doing GOMAD (to coax them into buying you vast proportions of milk), and then throw them as high as you can in the street and watch your parents contemplate what the hell their son is doing while gallons explode violently in traffic.



Sorry…I wanted to be like @T3hPwnisher


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I would pay to see a video of that.

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No idea how helpful that is but pro strongman Adam Bishop adviced clean grip power snatches to get better at these throwing events.


That makes sense, Probably gonna put those in place of the DB Snatches.

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Pay?? Throw milk --> Get Money --> Buy sandbag --> Throw sandbag.
Would you like that in a digital copy? CD? DVD? or VHS? :joy:

The problem there is that for the price of 15 gallons of milk, you could buy yourself a Rogue sandbag…

And I would want you to post it to your log, of course!

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@T3hPwnisher @flipcollar @strongmanvinny2
Thank you guys for all the advice! gonna save some money and get myself a rogue sandbag. Maybe around 30lbs and just practice tossing it as high as possible after Squat, Deadlift and event sessions.

Hmmmm, while this is true, there still wouldn’t be a video of me throwing gallon jugs of milk into the street like a madman.

sounds like a plan. it’s the sort of thing that can be done very frequently without hurting recovery.


2/22/19- Squats
Squats are getting set on the back burner, just gonna be doing light-ish with crazy ass volume. Gonna almost take a Bodybuilding Approach to squats while i focus on heavier deadlifts.

Hatfield Squats-
Bar x20
155lbs/70kg x20
205lbs/93kg x4x20

Beltless Highbar Box Squats-
Bar x8
135lbs/62kg x6
185lbs/84kg x6
205lbs/93kg x6
245lbs/111kg x2x6

Accessory Work
Leg Press-
250lbs/113kg x10
340lbs/154kg x10
430lbs/195kg x10
520lbs/236kg x10
Drop set
430lbs/195kg x6
340lbs/154kg x6
250lbs/113kg x8

Leg Curls- 2x25 SS W/Leg Ext.- x2x25

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I had a sandbag toss @ ~13-14ft with 30,40,50lbs. Wasnt able to practice throwing at all beforehand in training, but managed to win the event. Honestly dont overthink it, work on explosiveness now and get a few throws in on comp day to help get the timing right. Im sure there will be people there to help you out as well.

did you get all 3 bags?

Yessir. Twas a really heavy comp overall.

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That’s wild. Half the LW competitors at world’s missed the 40 bag at 14’. I barely cleared it, there’s no way I’d get 50 lbs over 14’. I could maybe do 12’.


I barely cleared this one, I think it clipped the bar and went over, ill have to doublecheck the video. the 220lb MWs and the HW’s were doing the same weight for this, I think just me and 3 other people got the 50lb bag and I was the only one who got it on the first try. Was amped up after that haha.

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