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Building The Berserker

That’s great​:joy::joy:

2/8/19- Deadlifts
More speed reps.
Few Sets at 285lbs/129kg
My next deadlift session will be the last of the speed reps. Then it’s on to some heavier reps then taper down to the heavy ass stuff.

  • Paused RDL’s- (3ct. Pause at bottom of lift)
    135lbs/62kg x2x15
    225lbs/102kg x2x12 + x1x15

  • Barbell Rows-
    135lbs/62kg x15
    185lbs/84kg x5x5 + x1x8

  • Banded Hamstring Curls- x5x15 SS W/Calf Raises- x5x15

Conditioning- x10min, Prowler Sled
Empty Prowler x50ft/15m (Surprisingly heavy prowler)
245lbs/111kg x50ft/15m
290lbs/131kg x50ft/15m
335lbs/151kg x50ft/15m
380lbs/172kg x50ft/15m
405lbs/183kg x50ft/15m
380lbs/172kg x50ft/15m
355lbs/160kg x50ft/15m
310lbs/140kg x50ft/15m
290lbs/131kg x50ft/15m
245lbs/111kg x50ft/15m
225lbs/102kg x50ft/15m
Empty Prowler x50ft/15m
(FUCK ME, MY LUNGS, highest rest time in these sets was about 30sec on the pyramid down)


2/9/19- More Pressing
Strict Press-
Bar x10
95lbs/43kg x8
115lbs/52kg x5
130lbs/59kg x5
145lbs/66kg x3 (PR but supposed to be 5)
115lbs/52kg x9

Log Clean & Press- Set timer for 20min and went for as many doubles as possible.
Empty Log x5
160lbs/72kg x3
180lbs/81kg x2
190lbs/86kg x5x2

Accessory Work

  • Seated DB OHP- 55lbs/25kg x2x10 SS W/DB Rows- 70lbs/31kg x2x10
  • Tricep Pushdowns- x5x20 SS W/Rear Delt Flyes- x5x10
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My boi getting stronger


Thanks brother, as are you.


2/11/19- Bench
Incline Bench-
Bar x40
115lbs/52kg x10
135lbs/62kg x1
145lbs/66kg x3
160lbs/72kg x3
175lbs/79kg x3 (Pretty sure this is a PR)
145lbs/66kg x7

Weighted Dips SS W/Weighted Chin-ups-
BW x5/BW x5
+50lbs/22kg x3/+20lbs/9kg x3
+65lbs/29kg x3/+30lbs/13kg x3
+75lbs/34kg x3/+35lbs/15kg x3
+85lbs/38kg x3/+40lbs/18kg x3 (PR on dips, but the +45lbs/20kg chin-ups still elude me)
+45lbs/20kg x3x7/BW x3x7

Accessory Work

  • Feet Elevated Ring Recline Rows- x4x10
  • Incline Chain Chest Flyes- x3x50sec (Christ the chest gets hammered with these)
  • Ring Push-ups- BW +25lbs/11kg x9,9,7, BW x14
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Really happy with my weight gain right now. Sitting at around 196/88kg at any given morning. Still managing to keep the fat off right now. Still chasing the mini-fridge status legs right now. I remember looking at my quads after a good leg pump and now it just look like the pump stayed there. Conditioning is climbing back up again and calories need to be increased so I can reach my 200BW goal
Full day of eating looks something like this-
6 eggs, 1.5 Cups of rice and 2 grapefruits.

1/2 Pound of ground sirloin, 1 cup of rice, half a sweet potato, and some random veggies.

Repeat Lunch just without the sweet potato.

Usually anywhere from a half pound to a pound of chicken or beef, 1.5-2 cups of rice, and an apple or some other sugary fruit.

Before bed snack-
1 cup lowfat cottage cheese with some pears and a protein shake.


This diet will do it! Throw in some chips/ice cream/beer and you’ll be at 200 in no time. How tall are you?

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Still stuck at 5’8, short and stout.

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Eyyy like me.

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2/13/19- Tricep Focus Pressing
Weighted Dips- BW +35lbs/15kg x5x5 SS W/NG Pull-ups- BW +5lbs/2kg x5x5

Close-grip Floor Press- SS W/Chest Supported DB Rows
Bar x20
135lbs/62kg x5
155lbs/70kg x5 + 8 CSDB Rows
165lbs/74kg x5 + 8 CSDB Rows
175lbs/79kg x5 + 8 CSDB Rows
185lbs/84kg x5 + 8 CSDB Rows
215lbs/97kg x2x5 (W/Slingshot)
135lbs/62kg x15

Accessory Work

  • DB French Press- 25kg x5x12 SS W/BB Curls- x5x10
  • Tricep Pushdowns- x5x20 SS W/Face-pulls- x5x20

2/14/19- Squat Day
Back Squats-
Bar x20
135lbs/62kg x10
225lbs/102kg x5
255lbs/115kg x1
275lbs/124kg x1
305lbs/138kg x5
285lbs/139kg x3x5

Hack Squats-
135lbs/62kg x5
205lbs/93kg x5
225lbs/102kg x5
245lbs/111kg x5
275lbs/124kg x5
185lbs/84kg x20
135lbs/62kg x29 (Added 2sec pauses to this, ouch)

GHR’s- x3x8 SS W/Ab Wheel x3x20

Short and sweet workout, done in a little under an hour!

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2/16/19- Log Press
Log Clean & Jerk-
Empty Log x5
160lbs/72kg x3
180lbs/81kg x3x1
200lbs/90kg x4x1
200lbs/90kg x3 (PR)

Seated DB OHP- 60lbs/27kg x2x8

Tricep Pushdowns- x5x20

(Next week is deload for my pressing, gonna go ahead and put my log training days and deadlifts earlier in the week because having it later in doesn’t leave me quite as fresh for them.)


2/18/19- Deadlifts
Deadlifts- Top set was 315lbs/142kg x6 (3 plates moved faster than it ever has, Speed PR)

Build up to a 65ft/20m sprint at 80% or so

Accessory Work

  • Barbell Rows-
    Bar x20
    135lbs/62kg x15
    155lbs/70kg x15
    185lbs/84kg x5
    205lbs/93kg x5 (PR)
    225lbs/102kg x5 (PR)
    185lbs/84kg x15 (PR)
    Felt the power of larry wheels get imbued into me for these row PR’s lol. Surprisingly didn’t have to use a stupid amount of body english for the 2 plate set or the AMRAP at 185lbs/84kg.

  • Lying Leg Curls- x5x20 SS W/Calf Raises- x5x20

  • DB Rows- 105lbs/47kg x2x8 (PR again for rows, geez)
    (Kept the DB Rows pretty damn strict, minimal torquing and managed to pause the majority up top, back is feeling stronger than ever right now!)

2/19/19- Log Pressing
Strict Press- SS W/Face-pulls- x20
Bar x20
95lbs/43kg x5
105lbs/47kg x5
120lbs/54kg x5
135lbs/62kg x5

Log Clean & Jerk-
Empty Log xA lot
160lbs/72kg x3x1
180lbs/81kg x3x1
190lbs/86kg x6x3
(All of these moved like butter, back is a quite worn from the rows yesterday so stability was kinda off)

Accessory Work

  • DB Push-press-
    35lbs/15kg x5
    55lbs/25kg x2x5
    65lbs/29kg x5
    Absolutely humbling exercise, stability felt like trying to press in an earthquake!

  • Tricep Pushdowns- x5x20 SS W/Reverse Flyes- x5x10


I just realized Im not that far away from you on deadlift anymore, Ill attempt to chase your deadlift. The only problem is that you have a world class elite deadlifter training you so my chances of catching up are slim to none.


8 weeks to race me to 505lbs(hopefully)

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LMAO not happening. Im at 415 right now going up about 10-20lbs a month. Even if I went up 20lbs a month I would be at 455 max.

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@T3hPwnisher @flipcollar @strongmanvinny2
So I have an idea and was wondering if it was a good one or a bad one.

I have practically no experience throwing sandbags and it’s going to be at nationals this year. I’ve had a few ideas stuck in my head on how to train for it seeing as I have no sandbags to toss.
This one stuck the most: 10 Rounds of a throwing/explosion complex kinda thing. It would go something like this-
1A. Depth Vertical/Broad Jump- x1 (Jump to Prime my body)
1B. KB Toss- x1 (KB Toss to mimic sandbag, at 35lbs (Heaviest sandbag for my division)
1C. DB Snatch- x2 (Each arm) (To mimic the explosion required for the next two bags)
If I did this everyday, do you think this would eat into my recovery? or is this just a completely inefficient way to train for throwing better?

All I ever did was the KB toss, and that was to learn technique. I’ve got no experience with snatches or that sort of jump.

Do you think your weakness will be technique or power?

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