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Building The Berserker

Nope, Benni’s 1015 DL was just pure B-Power and a Belt.

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Wow. That is insane.

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1/17/19- Deadlifts and Squats
135lbs/62kg x5
225lbs/102kg x5
315lbs/142kg x3x1 (These moved FAST, so I did a few singles to see if it was a fluke, not a fluke)
365lbs/165kg x1 (Also moved pretty fast)
395lbs/179kg x1 (Didn’t move particularly fast but felt smooth as butter)
425lbs/192kg x2x1 (HELL YEAH Rick Flair WOOOO)

So 425lbs/192kg was my old max, first rep flew faster than 395lbs/179kg, was so shocked that I didn’t even weigh the fact that I could’ve just hit a double. My program called for 2 singles or a double so I just pulled it again, felt very smooth. Thought about a 3rd single but form and speed went so well on the first two I decided to leave it there. So I guess I could call this a PR in a sense

Paused Squats- (Beltless)
Bar x10
135lbs/62kg x5
225lbs/102kg x5
245lbs/111kg x3x5

Assistance Work
(Was cut on time here so I just went out on some Belt Squats & RDL’s)

  • Belt Squats- 405lbs/142kg x5x15 (Every five reps I slowed the tempo down significantly)

  • Paused RDL’s- 205lbs/93kg x5x12 SS W/Ab Wheels- x5x15


Far out that’s intense/crazy/impressive stuff

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Yeah my Triceps and Traps were just about useless a few days after.

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If I am not careful you’re gonna blow past me on the Deadlift.

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You will be set for strongman stuff whenever you decide to compete man. I don’t know anyone as young as you that is as strong as you. I’m sure that there are 15 year olds as strong as you, but in another year, you’ll be a junior in high school and pulling 500+ pounds. Insane.

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Thanks brother, I’ve never met a person in general with as much drive and work ethic as you man. You’re probably one of the mentally strongest people I’ve ever come to know. Keep chugging along bro.

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1/21/19- Pressing Session
Strict Press SS W/Weighted Pull-ups-
Bar x10
85lbs/38kg x5
95lbs/43kg x1
105lbs/47kg x5 + 15lbs/7kg WPU x5
120lbs/54kg x5 +15lbs/7kg WPU x5
135lbs/62kg x5 +15lbs/7kg WPU x5
105lbs/47kg x9 +BW Pull-ups x7

Log Clean & Jerk- (20min to get as many doubles as possible)
Empty Log x3
160lbs/72kg x3
180lbs/81kg x6x2 (180lbs/81kg has never felt this light on a log)
180lbs/81kg x5 (PR, decided I might as well push it for my last 45sec on log)

Incline DB Bench SS W/DB Rows-
25lbs/11kg x15
55lbs/25kg x12
70lbs/31kg x3x8 SS W/DB Rows 70lbs/31kg x3x10

Tricep Pushdowns- x5x20 SS W/Rear Delt Flyes- x5x12


Okay okay strong guy! :muscle::muscle:

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Thanks for the compliment.

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1/23/19- Squats & Yoke
SSB Squats (FML these did not go well)
Bar x10
155lbs/70kg x5
205lbs/93kg x5
255lbs/115kg x5
275lbs/124kg x5
295lbs/133kg x5 (PR)
315lbs/142kg x3 (Failed 4th rep, Still a PR)
Got a little bit too cocky as to where I’d be able to squat with the SSB. Set it about 10lbs lower than my barbell squat because that’s about where it sat last time I used it. Boy was I wrong. 4th rep on for 315 folded me like a piece of paper, gonna drop my TM about 10-20lbs next workout)

Yoke Walks- 70ft/21m, Drop it and take it back
Empty Yoke- x140ft/42m
365lbs/165kg- x140ft/42m
545lbs/247kg- x140ft/42m (Misloaded this horridly, not using the yoke I’m used to using lol)
455lbs/206kg x3x140ft/42m (Times for each round: x22sec, x23sec, x18sec)
(Kinda fucked the rest of my runs and body with that 545lbs/247kg Yoke walk. It felt really heavy and I just chalked it up to being tired after the squats. Not terribly disappointed with the speed runs after though.)

  • Reverse Hypers- x2x15 SS W/Deficit Bulgarian Split Squats- 35lbs/15kg x2x15

Notes: Tried my stagger start that I haven’t done in forever on the last round of yoke and it made around a 5sec difference, gonna try to keep that up all the way up to nationals. Core is toast after the SSB squats too. Also high distance yoke is not as fun as I remember.
Was kinda underfed today seeing as instead of grabbing my beef and pasta out of the fridge this morning I grabbed my container full of the rest of my meats for lunches. So I ate what I reckoned to be a half pound of beef + an apple and a banana.

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@flipcollar & @T3hPwnisher
Is a sub 19sec time for a 120ft Yoke carry (60ft down 60ft back) good? What’s the best times you’ve seen for a yoke event of that caliber?

8-9 seconds for 50’ tends to be my metric of good. Haven’t seen 60 down and back before.

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that should be a pretty good time, depending on weight.

A few months ago, we had a 500 lbs 50 ft down and 50 ft back yoke in the LW class at Texas Strongest. I believe 13 seconds won, 15 seconds for 2nd, a couple guys were right at 19, and the rest of the field was in the 20’s. The MW class had a 600 lbs yoke, and nobody beat 19 seconds. So it depends.

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1/26/18- Deadlifts
Speed Reps but I can’t disclose the actual rep scheme:/

Assistance Work

  • Weighted Chin-ups- ME x3
    BW x5
    BW +10lbs/4.5kg x3
    BW +25lbs/11kg x3
    BW +35lbs/15kg x3 (PR)
    BW +45lbs/20kg x2.9 (Couldn’t get chin over bar on last rep:/)
    BW x7

  • Paused RDL’s-
    Bar x10
    135lbs/62kg x5
    225lbs/102kg x2x12, x1x15

  • Barbell Rows- 145lbs/66kg x5x15 SS W/Weighted Calf Raises- x5x15

Why can’t you post it? I know its out of respect but posting one speed session doesn’t give away the whole program.

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While yes it wouldn’t give away the entire program it’s just something I don’t feel 100% comfortable doing so.


Noticing a slight strain/tweak in my upper back. Feels like a solid knot in there with some tenderness and swelling to accommodate. Not too painful, working the shit out of it with some golf balls and a hand held massage thing.
Only painful ROM is in the rowing type fashion, It’s my lower trap or rhomboid that’s taken the hit and I suspect my rows did it yesterday. Wasn’t any immediate pain from my workout yesterday but I recall letting my shoulder blades get a little too loose on my rows a few times.
Hopefully it can stand up to some log and pull-ups tomorrow.

Little strain is virtually gone from yesterday. Spent about an hour working with the golf balls and massage thing and it worked out great!

1/28/19- Pressing Session
Incline Bench- SS W/Pull-ups- x5x5
Bar x10
115lbs/52kg x5 + 5 Pull-ups
135lbs/62kg x5 + 5 Pull-ups
150lbs/68kg x5 + 5 Pull-ups
165lbs/74kg x5 + 5 Pull-ups
135lbs/62kg x10 + 5 Pull-ups

Log Clean & Jerk- (Set 20min timer for as many sets as I could)
Empty Log x3
160lbs/72kg x3
180lbs/81kg x7x3
(First set felt iffy, lost balance on all the reps and same story with last set, everything set in between felt damn near perfect!)

Log Jerk Recoveries-
210lbs/95kg x10sec Hold
260lbs/117kg x2x3 Recoveries W/10sec Holds
(These are helping tremendously with my jerks)

Accessory Work

  • Overhead Rope Ext.- x5x10 SS W/Rear Delt Flyes- x5x10
  • Tricep Pushdowns- x5x20 SS W/Heavy Barbell Curls- x5x10
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