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Building The Berserker

I love carbs! Their just not for me however. I’ve discovered alot in the last few days and 1. They bloat the hell out of me 2. I feel healthier without carbs. Energy levels are sort of lower than usual but once my body adapts and converts fats to energy I’ll be set. Deep water is about physical strength, but the focus is really mental. You can do this bro. Really the reason I’m not suffering that bad is because im a routine orientated person. My new routine is this diet so it’s easy to follow

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1/7/18- Pressing Day
Strict Press- SS W/Pull-ups
Bar x10
85lbs/38kg x5
105lbs/47kg x5 + 7 Pull-ups
120lbs/54kg x5 + 6 Pull-ups
135lbs/62kg x6 + 7 Pull-ups (Wow a big PR here that I was not expecting at all)
105lbs/47kg x10 +6 Pull-ups (Pretty sure another PR who knows)

Incline Bench- SS W/Quadruped DB Rows- x5x20
Bar x20
115lbs/52kg x5
125lbs/56kg x5
135lbs/62kg x5
145lbs/65kg x5
155lbs/70kg x5
185lbs/84kg x2x2 (W/Slingshot)
115lbs/52kg x11
(Slingshot on incline is nothing like slingshot on flat bench. Jesus Christ that was brutal. Gonna use it as a rep overload for my top sets on incline instead of a significant weight overload)

  • French Press- x5x12 SS W/Barbell curls- x5x12

  • Tricep Pushdowns- x5x20 SS W/Rear Delt Flyes- x5x10


Getting stronger man!

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Thanks brother! Your axle presses looked pretty damn good (I despise the axle)

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Slight change of plans, gonna compete at Giants of the Bayou on April 6th to qualify for nats. Closer drive for me and not as last minute as big Tex winter rumble. Trying to not piss off parents with last minute plans lol.

Thanks! It’s a different animal than the barbell, so it’s just another implement to get used to and get stronger with.

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1/9/19- Squats & Deadlifts
Back Squat-
Bar x10
135lbs/62kg x5
225lbs/102kg x5
275lbs/124kg x1
315lbs/142kg x1
345lbs/156kg x1
365lbs/165kg x2x1 (PR)
415lbs/188kg x3 Very High Partials to overload and get more confident under heavier weight
The partials thing was suggested to me by one of the power lifters up at my gym. Dude set 3 world records and won 2 world championships in PL, so I took his word for it and gave it a try.

Defict Deadlifts- (Beltless)
135lbs/62kg x5
225lbs/102kg x5
245lbs/111kg x5
265lbs/120kg +Med Bands x3x5

Accessory Work

  • Belt Squats- 3 plates x5x15 SS W/Banded Leg x5x20

  • RDL’s- 185lbs/84kg x5x15 SS W/Barbell Rows- 155lbs/70kg x5x20

  • Barbell Shrugs- 225lbs/102kg x5x15 SS W/Lat Pulldowns- x5x20


Hey hey hey!

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Those sets absolutely slaughtered me and my body is saying nasty mean words to me for it lol

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As it should be after a heavy squat set.

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1/10/18- Tricep Day
CGSB Floor Press-
Bar x10
145lbs/65kg x5
165lbs/75kg x3
185lbs/84kg x3x3 +Pull-ups- x3x3
145lbs/65kg x10x10 SS W/Lat Pulldowns- x10x10

Decline Skullcrushers- 55lbs/25kg x15 x4 Grips (No rest between grip switch)

Goal with these workouts is to basically get my lockout conditioning on point and in general boost my pressing/tricep strength. Not to mention I want triceps comparable to the people on
“My 600lbs life”… but made out of muscle of course.

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You ever tried heavy bench lockouts?Take about 10%-20% over your max,lock the weight out and hold for 10 seconds.James Strickland does this to prep his CNS into holding large weights on the bench.(This helped me alot with benching along with heavy weighted dips.)

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Never tried them but I do similar things. Namely Overhead Jerk Recoveries. Around 110%-120% of my max and hold for 10sec. It’s a part of my game plan to make the Log at Nationals feel light.
Also heavy weighted dips were a godsend for my pressing. I especially like overloading the FOOK out of my triceps with slingshot weighted dips.

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1/12/19- Event Training
Seated Box Jumps- 30in/76cm x5x3

Log Rack Holds- 260lbs/117kg x5x10sec

Log Clean & Press-
Empty Log x5
140lbs/64kg x3
160lbs/72kg x6x3 (Got all 6 triples in 20min, trying out the whole motor skill acquisition stuff)

Log Jerk Recoveries-
200lbs/90kg x10sec
240lbs/108kg x3x3 Recoveries W/10sec Holds
My Triceps were fried after this. Nonetheless in the words of Billy Mays. “But that’s not all!”

Log Waiters Walks-
140lbs/64kg x3x1min walks. Pain Pain Pain Pain Pain

Front Squats-
Bar x10
135lbs/62kg x5
155lbs/70kg x3
190lbs/86kg x5
225lbs/102kg x5
245lbs/111kg x5
190lbs/86kg x9

Yoke 6-Step Drills-
Empty Yoke x3 Rounds
450lbs/204kg x1 Round
500lbs/226kg x5 Rounds (60sec Rest Inbetween)

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1/14/18- Pressing
Strict Press-
Bar x10
95lbs/43kg x5
115lbs/52kg x3
135lbs/62kg x1
145lbs/66kg x1 (Pretty Damn Easy)
Called it at 145, ready to move onto a higher TM for my next training blocks!

Weighted Dips-
BW x20
50lbs/22kg x5
75lbs/34kg x5
95lbs/43kg x5
120lbs/54kg x5 W/Slingshot
145lbs/66kg x5 W/Slingshot
95lbs/43kg x15 W/Slingshot
BW x25

Light Band Tricep Ext. and Hammer Curls because I smashed the fook out of my elbow by accident today… aka mocking my friend who does MMA by spinning around with my elbows and then accidentally elbowing a metal towel dispenser… Needless to say I won the battle, but the Dispenser won the war. No noticeable decrease in performance, but definitely discomfort and some pain.


Gonna have to go radio silence on my Deadlift sessions after this cycle out of respect for my coach for Deadlifts.(Benedikt Magnusson aka my favorite deadlifter/lifter in general ever)
Will keep ya’ll updated on big sets that I hit and PR’s!



Hoping he takes the deadlift record back.

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Yessss, Want to see it so bad.
(Unpopular Opinion: His Raw 1015 is more impressive than Eddie’s 500kg)

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Even though the 500kg is impressive as fuck, I would be inclined to agree with you.

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That was raw? I thought that was in gear!

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