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Building The Berserker

So my qualifying event should be the Big Tex Winter Rumble on Jan 26th, glad I don’t have to place because I have not trained for this whatsoever. Events don’t look terrible except the axle deadlift. Pulled 385lbs/174kg on a TXDL Bar for a pretty hard 3 reps… don’t know how well 385lbs/174kg on an Axle will play out for me.

Events are as follows-

  1. Max Axle Clean & Press
  2. Max Distance H-Stone in 60sec- 200lbs/90kg
  3. Axle Deadlift for reps- 385lbs/174kg in 60sec
  4. Hammer Front Hold xMax Time (Weight Unknown)
  5. Loading Medley- all to 46in/116.8cm
    175lbs/79kg Stone
    205lbs/93kg Stone
    165lbs/74kg Keg
    200lbs/90kg Keg
    Each Implement starts 10ft/3m from the bar.

Competition day+Adrenaline+motivation = lightweight on comp day. I’ve seen a dude fail a 260kg squat a week prior to comp and come comp day bang out 2 reps at 275kg on axle squats. You got it easy


That’s pretty impressive. I presume dead stop is starting from the bottom or squatting to pins and going back up again?


Starting from bottom, it’s hell.

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They suck ass. They just destroy you in a different way

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12/24/18- Accessory Day

  • Lat Pulldowns- x5x20 SS W/Quadruped DB Rows- 70lbs/31kg x5x15

  • Duffin Upright Rows- x5x20 SS W/DB Shrugs- x5x20

  • Hammer Curls- x5x20 SS W/Barbell Curls- x5x20

  • Giant Set- x5 Rounds
    1.Ab Wheel- x20
    2.Prowler Sled- x75ft/22m
    3.Stir The Pot- x10 (Per Direction)
    4.MB Windmill Slams- x5 (Per Side)

Giant set fucking slaughtered my core and didn’t go easy on my conditioning either, had to get some calories burnt for big christmas eve dinner! Might start doing that giant set from now on.

Christmas Sling Shot Arrived today, gonna test out this bad boy tomorrow on some weighted dips to see how it destroys my triceps!

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12/27/18- Pressing
Overhead Press-
Bar x10
75lbs/34kg x5
95lbs/43kg x5 + 6 Pull-ups
110lbs/49kg x5 + 6 Pull-ups
125lbs/56kg x5 + 6 Pull-ups
95lbs/43kg x11 + 7 Pull-ups

Weighted Dips W/Slingshot
BW x20 (No Slingshot)
BW +45lbs/20kg x5
BW +90lbs/40kg x5
BW +115lbs/52kg x5
BW +125lbs/56kg x5
BW +135lbs/61kg x5
BW + 95lbs/43kg x14
BW x20 (No Slingshot)
(Jesus christ my poor triceps, the lockout at 135lbs/62kg took ages, that was the most damaged my triceps have ever felt. I like it)

French Press- x5x12 SS W/Rear Delt Raises- x5x12

Tricep Pushdowns- x5x20 SS W/Barbell Curls- 70lbs/31kg x5x10

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Saw @duketheslaya post his goals for this coming up year so I decided I’d post mine to.

  1. Win USS Strongman Nationals
  2. Deadlift- 605lbs/274kg +165lbs
  3. Squat- 545lbs/247kg + + 160lbs
  4. Strict Press- 225lbs/102kg +80lbs
  5. Bench Press- 315lbs/140kg +70lbs
  6. Log Press- 305lbs/140kg +90lbs
  7. Axle Clean & Press- 305lbs/140kg +70lbs
  8. Load a 270/122kg+ Atlas Stone no tacky. +45lbs
  9. Walk a 800lbs/362kg Yoke x50ft/15m +200lbs
  10. Don’t injure myself
  11. Reach a healthy 220lbs/99kg bodyweight. +30lbs

Decided after some thinking to set my goals realistically again. 605 deadlift will be a real bitch to reach, but I think I can do it by the end of next year!


Oh boy im editing my list and adding weight

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Sorry did I say lbs in that list? I meant KG…

Lol okay sir

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Here’s my starting pics for this T-Ransformation 2019

605 Deadlift? What the fuck? Go for it man. That would be absolutely insane to see.


12/31/18- Pressing Workout
Strict Press-
Bar x20
85lbs/38kg x5
95lbs/43kg x5 +6 Pull-ups
105lbs/47kg x5 +6 Pull-ups
120lbs/54kg x5 +6 Pull-ups
95lbs/43kg x13 +6 Pull-ups

Close-grip Bench- SS W/Quadruped DB Rows
Bar x20
135lbs/62kg x5
155lbs/70kg x5
165lbs/74kg x5
175lbs/79kg x5
205lbs/93kg x2x5 (W/Sling Shot)
135lbs/62kg x12
(Sling shot is adding a different but nice addition to my pressing workouts, triceps are getting absolutely hammered on all my overload sets, decided to do 115% of my top set for 2 sets which seemed to be a good sweet spot)

Accessory Stuff

  • French Press- x5x12 SS W/Barbell Curls- x5x12
  • Tricep Pushdowns- x5x20 SS W/Ab Wheel x5x20

Jeesus. Brett adding 135lbs to his lifts is so much more impressive than me adding 135.

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1/2/19- Press Accessory Day
Close-grip Floor Press- SS W/Lat Pulldowns- x10x10
Bar x20
95lbs/43kg x10
135lbs/62kg x9x10
135lbs/62kg x15
(This was a little bit too light today but I hit my reps so that felt good, gonna switch these over to a swiss bar from now on and hit 145lbs/65kg next week)

  • Skullcrushers
    45lbs/20kg x4 Grips x25reps (no rest inbetween, Progressively getting wider)

  • Barbell Curls- 65lbs/29kg x5x6 SS W/Rear Lateral Raises- x5x12

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1/3/19- Deadlifts
(No TXDL Bar today so all was pulled on a stiff bar, bleh)
135lbs/62kg x5
225lbs/102kg x5
315lbs/142kg x1
335lbs/151kg x1
355lbs/161kg x1
375lbs/170kg x1
390lbs/176kg x2 (PR!)
(Felt great for pulling on a stiff bar! Not to mention I think I could’ve eeked out 1 or 2 more reps on this set if I really wanted to, great confidence boost this week)

Paused Squats-
Bar x20
135lbs/62kg x5
205lbs/93kg x5
235lbs/106kg x3x5

Accessory Circuit- x3 Round
1.Leg Press- x20
2.RDL’s- 205lbs/93kg x15
3.Barbell Rows- 155lbs/70kg x20
4.Heavy Lat Pulldowns- x15


Okay so I decided to take @duketheslaya up on running the deepwater diet. I’ll fire it up tomorrow. Usually I don’t follow diet plans and just eat as I see necessary, unfortunately eating as I see necessary has become filled with unnecessary eating.
Gonna take this as a chance to reset my body a little and chow on some healthy foods instead of shit. Only thing I’ll do to this eating plan is add in intra workout carbs because I’ll wreck my strength if I eliminate too many carbs.
Somehow I worked through eating fastfood 1-2 times a week since thanksgiving and all the holiday meals since then and didn’t become a complete fat ass lol.

Not sure if coming down with sickness or if this low carb shit is really having this profound of an effect on me. Absolutely smashing headache right now and want some rice. Props to you @duketheslaya for not missing your carbs at all. It’s barely been one day and I already want to devour some top ramen.
(Edit: Forgot that cheese and my stomach disagree on many things and probably coming down with some sort of sickness. This combination allowed me to perform what sounded like an ancient Maori Haka in my bathroom… glad no one was home for that lol.)

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