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Building The Berserker

All the events are looking good for me, except the sandbag toss. I’ve never trained weight over bar of any kind… any tips or ways to train it without sandbags?? Also log is making me kind of nervous simply because all I have access to is 10in logs.
What’s the main thing I should get ready for jumping from 10-12??

If you can, go somewhere and try a 12 a few times. It’s a much different feel. I personally prefer it. It shortens the distance of the press, but the log is farther out from your center of gravity too. I also find it easier to roll on the clean. Bigger guys tend to much prefer bigger logs. At the end of the day though, 2" won’t make a huge difference.

You’ll have to learn to throw something. bags, small kegs, a kettlebell, anything with a handle you can grab with 2 hands. The hard thing is direction. You have to figure out how far from the bar you need to stand, and you have to learn throw in the same direction consistently.

If you can afford it, buy a rogue bag. That’s what I did. I bought one bag, filled it to 33 lbs, and just played with that. A ton of reps, at the end of a lot of sessions. The bag is less than 100 bucks, and I used their rubber filler, but you could fill it with any sand or whatever. The rubber was nice because the sand is denser, making the bag too heavy when full. If you buy it, make sure you buy the throwing bag, not a carrying bag.

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12/13/18- Press Accessory
(Couldn’t make it to the gym and was pressed for time, so I used the home gym)

Barbell Strict Press-
Bar x10
65lbs/29kg x10
95lbs/43kg x5x5 (Really Short Rest Periods felt good)

Diamond Push-ups-
BW x20
55lbs/25kg x3x8

Regular Push-ups-
BW x10
25lbs/11kg x5x15 SS W/Barbell Curls- x5x15

Feet Elevated Push-ups- BW x5x10 SS W/Barbell French Press- x5x12

Pull-ups- x2 (EMOM x10min)

Got This Done in around 47min (Rested no longer than a minute on any set, HR was up)

Might just do this instead of my regular work at the gym, this hit the muscles I’m supposed to hit a lot better, triceps are absolutely hammered to.

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12/17/18- Accessory Day

  • Lat Pulldowns- x5x20 SS W/Quadruped DB Rows- x5x15

  • Duffin Upright Rows- x5x20 SS W/DB Shrugs- x5x15

  • Hammer Curls- x5x20 SS W/Barbell Curls- x5x20

  • AB Wheel- x5x20 SS W/Stir The Pot- x5x10

(Missed my Deadlift Session & Event training last week:/)



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@T3hPwnisher I’m thinking about running Deep Water for my next off season. I know you work with it a lot, where should I start with it and what should I expect? and is it a good idea to run?

Best place to start is with the book. You can get it for $10 off amazon or for free of Jon’s instagram site.

Expect a lot of pain and misery, but a lot of growth as well.

It’s not a good idea to run it at all, haha. But I tend to grow best from bad ideas.

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Note: The Quadruped DB Rows absolutely killed my obliques, really enjoy them.

12/19/18- Squats & Deadlifts
Pause Squats- (Beltless)
Bar x10
135lbs/62kg x5
185lbs/84kg x5
225lbs/102kg x3x5

135lbs/62kg x5
225lbs/102kg x3
315lbs/142kg x1
335lbs/152kg x1
365lbs/165kg x1
385lbs/174kg x3 (PR Hell yeah)

Assistance Circuit- x5 Rounds

  • Leg Press- Heavy x15
  • RDL’s- 205lbs/93kg x15
  • Barbell Rows- 155lbs/70kg x20
  • Calf Raises- x20

Notes: First 2 reps at 385lbs/174kg felt great, 3rd one I lost lat tightness and it slowed down like hell, still managed to get it without a serious grind. Missed Lunch today so energy was kinda low, but I think today still went pretty damn well.

Also hit a nice Pull-up PR, got 8 reps at 194lbs/88kg bodyweight. Heaviest I’ve ever been to date!


Damn! Nice going.

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Thanks brother, that Kroc Row set you did was badass.

Jesus Christ my hammies hate me. Any reason why my hammies get the most painful/long lasting DOMS out of any of my other muscles? I work them fairly often, stretch them and do massages for them. It’s not crippling or anything it just puzzles me.

Dominance maybe.

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Have the same thing but with my adductors. Not sure why :frowning:

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I get that with my hammies too. Almost always sore as fuck. I used to get fairly frequent significant cramps in my left one too. Scared the hell out of roommates and handful of times. After each of my 4 competitions I get a really bad one.

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12/20/18- Pressing Day
Strict Press-
Bar x20
95lbs/43kg x5
115lbs/52kg x5x3 SS W/BW Pull-ups- x5x4
120lbs/54kg x3x3 SS W/Pull-ups +10lbs/5kg x3x3
120lbs/54kg x2x2 SS W/Pull-ups +15lbs/7kg x2x2

Weighted Dips- SS W/Chest Supported T-Bar Rows
BW x19
35lbs/15kg x4x5
35lbs/15kg x11
BW x13

12/22/18- Event Training
Seated Box Jumps- 38in/96.5cm x5x3

Log Clean & Press-
Empty Log x5
150lbs/68kg x3
170lbs/77kg x1
190lbs/86kg x1 (Wow this felt easy as all hell, called it here and dropped down for some reps)
140lbs/63kg x3 (EMOM x3min)

Dead Front Squats-
Bar x5
135lbs/62kg x5
175lbs/79kg x1
195lbs/88kg x5 rep cluster (20sec between each rep)
225lbs/102kg x5 rep cluster (25sec between each rep)
255lbs/115kg x5 rep cluster (30sec between each rep)
195lbs/88kg xMax Rep Cluster (15sec between each rep, got 13 reps)

Sandbag, Keg & Sled Medley- x3 Rounds
Carry 200lbs/90kg keg x50ft/15m
Carry 160lbs/72kg sandbag x50ft/15m
Drag 510lbs/231kg sled x75ft/23m
Round 1: 37sec
Round 2: 36sec
Round 3: 38sec

(Fucking Gassed)

So far I’ve touched on every event/weight that will be at nationals this year except for sandbag toss and wagon wheel deadlifts. Now I just gotta get faster and stronger with them.

Good stuff man.

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Thanks Brother!

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