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Building The Berserker

More Improvisation today. Weekends have proven to be busy from school to family members so no event training this weekend.
Managed a 2 mile hike in the woods. Mainly uphill so my calves are going to hate me tomorrow.
Got a 10x10 on 55lbs/25kg weighted push-ups, 55lbs/25kg weighted recline rows, feet elevated push-ups & Pullaparts again.
Also managed a fairly challenging 90second dead hang & Managed to bust out 5 one-armed push-ups today. Calisthenics Brett? Lol


Not bad for a strongman :wink:

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9/24/18- Squat Day

  • Big Circuit of stuff that will make me faster (Hopefully) x5 Rounds
    1.MB Scoop toss for height x2
    2.Reactive Double Broad Jump- x1
    3.MB Punch Throw- x2 (Per Arm)

SSB Squats-
Bar x10
155lbs/70kg x5
205lbs/93kg x5
225lbs/102kg x5x3
255lbs/115kg x2x2
185lbs/84kg x2x8 (3ct. Pause & Beltless)

Accessory Work

  • Giant Set #1 x2 Sets
    1.GHR’s- x10
    2.Tempo Hack Squats- x10
    3.Weighted Pull-ups- 15lbs/7kg x5

  • Giant Set #2 x2 Sets
    1.Paused AWRO’s- x10
    2.Paused Glute-bridges- x10
    3.Weighted Pull-ups- 15lbs/7kg x5

Prowler Work- Managed in 22min
90lbs/40kg x2x100ft/33m
180lbs/81kg x2x100ft/33m
270lbs/122kg x2x100ft/33m


9/25/18- Pressing Day
Paused Incline Bench SS W/Barbell Rows- x185lbs/84kg x5
Bar x10
115lbs/52kg x5 + Rows x5
135lbs/62kg x5 + Rows x5
155lbs/70kg x3x3 + Rows x3x5

Log Strict Press-
105lbs/47kg x5
115lbs/52kg x5
135lbs/62kg x5 (Huge PR here, vid will come soon)
105lbs/47kg x8

Accessory Work
Giant Set #1 x3 Rounds
1.Chest Supported T-Bar Rows- x6
2.Incline Close-grip Spoto-Press- 115lbs/52kg x6
3.BW Dips- x12

Giant Set #2 x3 Rounds
1.Face-pulls- x12
2.Tricep Pushdowns- x12
3.DB Curls- x12

Note: Really happy with my strict presses today, especially after heavy incline presses, was not expecting that.

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Little bit more of a grind than I’d like and my balance is still kinda wonky but I’ll take it.



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9/27/18- Deadlifts
135lbs/62kg x5
225lbs/102kg x5
315lbs/142kg x3 (Wow I can actually move this quick enough to get a hip pop at the end!)
335lbs/151kg x2
355lbs/161kg x1
375lbs/170kg x2
295lbs/133kg +Heavy Bands x8x3
(Pulled 375lbs/170kg for a double only once before and it was a grind. Today it felt like my 355lbs/161kg double last week, Speed PR? lol)

Beltess DL Stance Concentric GM’s-
115lbs/52kg x5
115lbs/52kg +A lot of chains- x2x 8 Rep Cluster (2+2+2+2 W/30sec of rest inbetween)

Assistance Work

  • Superset #1
    1.KB Goblet BSS’s- 35lbs/15kg x2x8 (Tempo: 3-2-0-1)
    2.Banded Iso-Rows- x2x8

  • Superset #2
    1.Heavy Band Pallof Iso-Holds- x2x15sec
    2.Kettlebell Swings- 150lbs/68kg x2x8

Note: Heavy KB Swings make my posterior chain catch ablaze, my grip questionable and my lungs cry.

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thats heavy as shit


Yeah, talk about a exercise you feel everywhere.

Yeah i reckon

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That is a strong KB swing. The most I’ve ever swung was the 50’s for sets of 20 (I don’t have access to anything heavier).

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Thanks man.

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You’re very welcome.

9/28/18- Press Assistance
Incline Bench Pin Press-
Bar x10
135lbs/62kg x5
155lbs/70kg x5
165lbs/74kg x3x5

Incline Spoto-press- SS W/Lat Pull-downs x10
Bar x10
125lbs/56kg x2x5 + Pull-downs x2x10

Accessory Work

  • Giant Set x2 Rounds
    1.Heavy Cable French Presses- x12
    2.Cable Row Iso-Holds- 120lbs/54kg x40sec
    3.Hammer Curls-x12

  • Heavy Bag Work x6x3min
    I alternated between technique work and power shots, Left and right hook to head and body are still very crisp and powerful, but jab and straight right need some work.
    Throwing heavy shot and other heavy stuff like that has kept me in touch with my ability to create force from my legs and transfer it to my hands and has probably improved it a great deal.
    Overall very happy knowing I can still box, might do some more amateur fights in the near future who knows.

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10/1/18- Squats
SSB Squats-
Bar x10
155lbs/70kg x5
225lbs/102kg x5
245lbs/111kg x5
265lbs/120kg x5x2

Paused Squats- 2ct. Pause
Bar x1
135lbs/62kg x1
225lbs/102kg x1
285lbs/129kg x2x3

Accessory Work

  • Giant Set #1
    1.GHR’s- x3x8
    2.Hack Squats- 225lbs/102kg x3x6
    3.Heavy Preacher Curls- x3x8

  • AWRO’s SS W/DB Glute-bridges- x3x10

Here are some clips from my squat day today.


And this week kinda sucked for training. Had to sit my ass down and study for testing that was going on this week. It all payed out as I got A’s on all my tests and even Aced my geometry and chemistry test.
And due to this school being a tad bit more stressful than public school work wise I’m gonna cut back my gym days. Monday, Wednesday, Friday working on Pressing, Squatting, Deadlifting & Benching. Gonna throw in events as conditioning or maybe some practice sessions on the saturday, seeing as I don’t have any competitions anytime soon. (I’m still gonna try to push the basic events though, Stones, Farmers & Overhead)
Also gonna play around with calisthenics, I’ve always had a high deal of respect for guys who are super good at calisthenics. Maybe I’ll do a Planche at some point?? We’ll see.


Good job bro


School sucks, and good grades are hard to get and keep, so good job with your tests. Something I do that you could look into would be dividing your workouts up into two sections: one morning, one evening. In the morning I do assistance work, and in the evening I do my main lift. This does two things: it wakes me up and gives me time to get calories in my system (and basically feel more alive) for my main lift. The way to approach this is by making your assistance work antagonistic of your main lift, or by making it not have anything to do at all with your main lift. For example, here’s my current schedule:

Day 1

5/3/1 Press, 5 x 10 @ 60%
10 x 5 Chins
100 push-ups
5 x 20 Band Pull-Aparts

Day 2

5/3/1 Deadlift, 1 x 10 @ FSL
10 x 5 Dips
5 x 20 Band Pull-Aparts

Day 3

5/3/1 Bench, 5 x 10 @ FSL
5 x 10 Dumbbell Rows (somewhere in between strict / Kroc)
5 x 20 Band Pull-Aparts

Day 4

5/3/1 Squat, 5 x 5 @ FSL
10 x 5 Chins
10 Min. AMRAP Push-ups

I can do the majority of my assistance work either at home during the evening after my main lift (such as the pushups on press days, or the band Pull-Aparts which helped my shoulders), or I can do it in the shitty fitness center we have at our school. Most of my assistance, barring rows, is BW-only. Hell, I’ve done chins from an old swing set in my backyard off a 2 x 4. Check it out, it saves me a whole bunch of time and I’ve been progressing fairly well on ~ 5 - 5.5 hr. sleep per night.


If I were FitTea I’d sponsor you :heart:

Great work mate :ok_hand:t4::ok_hand:t4: